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Having been involved in the space sector since the early 1960’s, SA has a rich legacy of participation in space activities, and has, as of 2020, launched 6 locally built satellites. In addition to a thriving local industry, SA also has a space agency, the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), and is home to several noteworthy facilities spanning ground segment & operations, expansive satellite and sub-system AIT facilities, and a space weather centre to name but a few. There are also numerous academic institutions such as Stellenbosch University, Cape Town University, and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, who offer specialized space engineering & policy related courses. As such, SA remains a hub for space education and industry on the African continent. If you would like to become involved, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, your National Point of Contact.

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Young Space Activities Overview in the South Africa

In 2011, South Africa hosted the 10th annual Space Generation Congress (SGC) in Cape Town, South Africa which brought together 130 delegates from 42 countries. At the time, a Space Suit Walk was also held around Cape Town city centre to raise local awareness of events such as the SGC and IAC, but also space activities in South Africa more generally. Since then, the South African NPoC’s, and local space enthusiasts, have continued to organise annual and one-off events to both provide networking opportunities for the local space professionals and students, as well as to raise awareness more generally though outreach activities. Ongoing events include:

  • Since 2017, annual Yuri’s night quizzes have been held in April to commemorate the first human to launch into space, Yuri Gagarin. This event has provided a fantastic way to get space enthusiasts together.
  • Additionally, annual outreach events have also been organised during the World Space Week in October and these have included astronomy outreaches in rural KwaZulu-Natal to participating in the hosting of a Space Day which saw 300 learners from underprivileged schools treated to a full day of space related workshops and presentations in Stellenbosch to name but a few.
  • Lastly, in 2019, a bimonthly (every two months) get together was started for students and space professionals in the Cape Town/ Stellenbosch area as a means of increasing networking opportunities.

If you have any ideas for other events/networking/ outreach opportunities, please let me know.

Upcoming Events

Events Name Event Host City Event Date SGAC link
  1. Webinar: Start-ups in Africa – the South African Case Study

To be approved


        2. 1st IAA African Symposium on Small Satellites [There will be SGAC scholarships available and a SGAC moderated panel, as well as a Yuri’s night party]. Website will be updated 1st August.

Stellenbosch 10-13 May 2021
        3. SpaceOps Student and Young Professional Program Cape Town TBD* due to postponement dates are still influx


Events Name Event Host City Event Date SGAC link
  1. SpaceOps
Cape Town 3-7 May 2021
      2. 1st IAA African Symposium on Small Satellites Somerset West 10-13 May 2021



United Nations Basic Space Technology Symposium, Cape Town, SA. SGAC booth. 2017

Bi-monthly get together

Yuri’s night 2019

World Space Week events 2017

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