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Welcome to SGAC Sudan, where SGAC has had representatives since 2015. Many Space activities have been organized since 2017: Yuri’s night, Asteroids’ Day, World Space Week and NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon.

Space activities in Sudan are mostly performed by universities, research centers and institutes. These researches are focusing on astronomy, remote sensing and small satellite. The different bodies are trying to promote for space science and technologies by conducting workshops and celebrating international events beside participating in national, regional and international conferences and workshops.

In November 2019, Sudan launched its first satellite SRSS-1 which is an Earth Observation satellite.

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Young Space Activities Overview in the Sudan

Many space related events are organized by SGAC Sudan since 2017, for example:

Yuri’s night (April 2017 & 2018):
SGAC Sudan organizes every year an event celebrating Human Space Flight. The ceremony usually forms a social event which includes a set of documentary movies/seminars about space topics and new technologies.

NASA Space App challenges (2017 & 2018):
SGAC members in Sudan have participated in the NASA Space App challenge in 2017
and 2018. They tried to host the event but no permission was granted. Therefore, they participated among the virtual participants and were able to submit multiple projects.

Asteroids’ Day (2017):
Asteroids Day was carried out in collaboration with the physics department at University of Khartoum with informative sessions.

World Space Week (October 2017 & 2018):
The World Space Week event is held annually at the university of Khartoum. The audience are mostly university students from different disciplines (engineering, science, mathematics, etc.) in addition to fresh graduates and young professionals.

Furthermore, some members of SGAC Sudan were awarded the African Space Leaders Award and were able to participate in SGAC 2nd and 3rd African Space Generation Workshops held in 2018 and 2019 respectively.



University of Khartoum KN-SAT Protoype-2

University of Khartoum KN-SAT Prototype-2

Celebrating World Space Week in 2018 aligning with the theme “Space unites the world” ISRA CubeSat Prototype ISRASAT-1


ISRA CubeSat Prototype ISRASAT-1

ISRA CubeSat Prototype ISRASAT-1

University of Khartoum Space Ground Station

University of Khartoum Space Ground Station

University of Khartoum Cubesat Project Prototype-2 with visitors from South Africa’s National Space Agency SANSA

School Visit introducing the young generation to Asteroids

Celebrating Human’s flight Day with a Yuri’s night party.

Celebrating Asteroid Day with a Public Lecture

School Visit introducing the young generation to Asteroids

The Young generation visit the ground station at University of Khartoum and learn about satellites

A nighttime shot from the International Space
Station showing Khartoum, the capital of Sudan,
surrounded by the Nile, Blue Nile and White Nile
Rivers. Credit NASA

From World Space Week 2016 Organized by Institute of Space Research and Aerospace ISRA