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Welcome to the Ugandan national page!

The page contains useful information about space activities in relation to the advancement of space policy, science, and technology in Uganda. Our goal is to provide you with information in the framework of SGAC outreach and education – past, present, and future. As we strive to consolidate activities and make our content inspiring, we welcome your comments and feedback about our page. If you know or have relevant activities, ideas, and news, share them with us. If you have questions of clarification or suggestions for improvement, contact our National Point of Contact. If you notice missing events or important links, please tell us! More importantly, SGAC has many fascinating projects that help participants gain space-industry practical knowledge and teamwork skills. There is always the chance for students, teachers, professionals, and experts to get involved in SGAC and its activities.

Young Space Activities Overview in Uganda

From communication satellites, which are the building blocks of broadband telephony, internet, and TV to remote sensing satellites, which have greatly improved the weather prediction process and have provided people with early warnings of dangerous weather conditions, Ugandans are increasingly using satellite devices and applications. From global positioning systems (GPS) for enabling an individual with a GPS device to know an exact location of interest, to agricultural applications for improving health services and education, Ugandans recognise that space technologies are vital components of modern information society. In Uganda, we will organise space-related events to attract college students and professionals. For more information, we invite you to visit our page, especially the Interesting Web Link Section below on a regular basis, and the national report of Uganda in SGAC’s Annual report.

The objectives of SGAC Uganda are:

  • To encourage and engage the youth of Uganda to be part of the space initiative
  • To create activities such as Yuri’s Teleconference and World Space Week to promote space science to students
  • To provide a dynamic forum for members to participate in active discussions and expand their knowledge
  • To collaborate with other NPoCs on regional issues as well as global SGAC network

(Image: Oyirwoth Patrick Abedigamba) 

(Image: Oyirwoth Patrick Abedigamba)

Country-Specific Events in 2018

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Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Uganda

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