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Passion, enthusiasm and the quest to reach greater heights is the common goal that all Zimbabweans across the world have in common. We welcome you to the Zimbabwe SGAC webpage which gives the glimpse of the talent that Zimbabwe has in the space industry. It’s a new dawn for many space enthusiasts in Zimbabwe and there is nothing stopping us from reaching the stars, ensuring that Zimbabwe partakes in the global space industry which seeks to improve the lives of all people. Having launched its national space agency in 2018 called the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency, Zimbabwe affirms its commitment to allow students and young professionals the opportunity to explore the space industry and use the knowledge to improve agriculture, disease surveillance, infrastructure management, mineral exploration and wildlife conservation.  SGAC Zimbabwe seeks to support all students and young professionals in Zimbabwe. That support has been established through activities carried out by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Zimbabwe. Through such initiatives, it is the goal of SGAC Zimbabwe to help spread the awareness of space activities in all regions and ensuring that all students and young professionals access opportunities that are offered by SGAC and its partners. The time to join the space race for Zimbabwe is now and the talent is vast and available.

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Young Space Activities Overview in Zimbabwe

  • Part of the organizing team for World Space Week
  • Assisted SEDS Zimbabwe in organizing space education programs
  • Children’s Space Book
  • SGAC Space Law Webinars
  • Students in Space Online/Live Conference
  • OpenCosmos Satellite Missions Design Training
  • Establishment of Moon Association and Mars Society
  • AgriSpace tech startup
  • Student Rocket Launch
  • Innovaspace Kids2Mars and Valentina Project for girls in STEM 


Interesting WebLinks 


1. Ruvimbo Samanga first NPoC – attending the African Leadership Congress on Science & Technology Youth Forum

2. Tafadzwa Banga second NpoC holding a solid fuel rocket prototype at the Sixth African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development at Elephant Hill Victoria Falls

3. Student for the Exploration and Development of Space Zimbabwe celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission at the US embassy in Zimbabwe

4. Ruvimbo Samanga – taking part in the Habitat Marte Virtual Mars Analog mission

5. Ruvimbo Samanga – space start up in collaboration with the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

6. Ruvimbo Samanga – organising and attending the 3rd African Space Generation workshop

7. Ruvimbo & Tafadzwa – attending Space Gen United Congress 2020