SGAC China

National Points of Contact  

The Chinese space sector consists of a broad range of public corporations, university initiatives, and emerging private sectors under the coordination and leadership of China National Space Administration(CNSA). China is also an active member in various international cooperation initiatives, in particular the lead of Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) headquartered in Beijing.

SGAC has been significantly reaching out to the young Chinese space generation since 2013 (when the 12th SGC was held in Beijing, China). Beihang University is the only organisation in China signed an MoU with SGAC. Chinese delegates have presences at SGAC’s activities around the globe including SGC, AP-SGW, SpaceUp,etc. As SGAC China’s chapter, we aim at connecting more Chinese young people to SGAC as well as access to the opportunities that SGAC continues providing in terms of various scholarships, projects and conferences.

Young Space Activities Overview in China

China currently has a very dedicated space agency leading the space development for the country. The majority of the efforts leading young people lie in the tertiary institutions, respective student associations. Many young Chinese have subsequently decided to devote themselves to space-related areas. The enrolment in aero-universities and the number of new aerospace employees are growing. Furthermore, there are many exhibitions all year round in different cities of China, which are attracting a growing number of attendees. When talking about space, people often express how proud they are of the astronauts and the technology that has made spaceflight and other space exploration possible. SGAC China is here to pull these young people together to grow our solidarity domestically and internationally in the exploration and development of space!

Country-Specific Activities in 2017

SGAC China roundtable meeting (TBC) – To bring active students and young professionals together to brief them about SGAC’s opportunities and how China’s chapter should outreach to more young people

SpaceUp China (June 5,2017) – A space unconference where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Unconferences have been held about technology, science, transit, and even cupcakes, but this is the first one focused on space exploration.

GLEX 2017 (June 6-9, 2017) – The Conference will bring together leaders and decision-makers within the science and human exploration community – engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, agency representatives and policy makers. The leaders in the field will converge in Beijing to discuss recent results, current challenges and innovative solutions and it will contain several opportunities to learn about how space exploration investments provide benefits as well as discuss how those benefits can be increased through thoughtful planning and cooperation.

SG[China] (June 7,2017) – A one day event with the objective to promote the sustainable development of the Chinese space sector(youth focused). Participants will have the opportunity to attend keynote speeches and later self-organize into breakout groups moderated by international space sector experts. Unlikely groupings of 50 diversely skilled participants (aged 18 – 35) from the Chinese space industry, academia, state institutions and the general public will work together to review challenges and opportunities, define strategies and formulate valuable recommendations that could advance the Chinese space sector in the near term.

SGC/IAC Meet-Up (TBC) – A gathering of delegates who will be attending this year’s SGC and IAC

AP-SGW Meet-Up (TBC) – A gathering of delegates who will be attending this year’s AP-SGW and APRSAF

SGAC China End-of-Year Reunion Dinner (December) – An opportunity for SGAC Chinese members to catch up at the end of the year.

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in China

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