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Geographically speaking, Nepal is relatively closer to the stars than most of the countries in the world, however in terms of space activities and research it is relatively far away. With an aim to promote space sciences in Nepal, SGAC and other organizations in Nepal namely: Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) and Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Center (NESARC) started space-related activities such as telescopic observations, water rockets and workshops in 2008. These activities which are now annual events have encouraged other enthusiasts and now there are three other Astronomical clubs and a few other institutions that are trying to come up with CanSat projects. The space science scene is evolving rapidly in Nepal and if you would like to be involved in promoting, contributing and developing space science projects do join us!

Young Space Activities Overview in Nepal

SGAC Nepal is currently focused mostly on outreach activities to connect students, the general public and decision makers. It also frequently organizes observations sessions, talk programs, interaction sessions and documentary/poster shows in different parts of Nepal. SGAC Nepal had another successful year in promoting space science and astronomy through various educational outreach activities throughout the nation in collaboration with the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Tribhuvan University (TU), St. Xavier’s College, NASO and NESARC. On the international stage, SGAC Nepal members were actively involved in organizing the Asia-Pacific – Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW). This year SGAC Nepal was represented at AP-SGW, APRSAF, IAC, SGC and also other space science and astronomy related conferences in India.

In the past few years the network of space enthusiasts has been slowly growing in Nepal and now there are regional astronomical clubs in three out of five development regions in the country. Nepal has been participating in the International Astronomy Olympiad since 2014. A few students from engineering colleges in Nepal have also come up with a plan to send a student satellite and also a high altitude balloon. These two projects are currently being guided by SGAC Nepal members, so the outreach programs are slowly but surely yielding results.

Country-Specific Events in 2017

April 6-12 – Space week (Yuri’s Night) – Yuri’s night is a global event celebrating humanity’s achievements in Space. A week of space related events: telescopic observations, movies and workshops will be organized and culminate with a space themed party

March-August – National Astronomy Olympiad (NAO) – Since 2014, NAO has become an annual event with applications closing at the end of March. The selection and final training for the international Olympiad in a closed camp takes place until August.

Other events will follow.

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