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Welcome to the country page of the SGAC New Zealand! The main objective of SGAC New Zealand is to reach and connect students and young professionals in order to inspire New Zealand’s next space generation.

New Zealand’s space sector is based on a bottom-up approach. It is placed in an unique position where the activities of the space economy is almost completely driven by commercial operations.

Over the last few years, the space sector in New Zealand has experienced immense growth. There are now over 200 space-related organisations and companies in New Zealand, and that number continues to grow. There is no better time to get into the space sector than now.

Young Space Activities Overview in New Zealand

SGAC New Zealand is working with the New Zealand Space Students Association to offer activities for university students. In addition, we are working with SpaceBase to organize webinars and other events throughout the year.

We have and will continue to encourage the participation of New Zealanders in international competitions and events, such as SGAC workshops and space design competitions.

  • We collaborated with SpaceBase on the Creating Opportunity through Diversity in the NZ Space Industry – Auckland webinar in 2020
  • We introduced and disseminated the Singapore Space Challenge 2020 into New Zealand
  • Created a slack channel in an attempt to better foster national collaboration and communication for students and young professionals, we also use this to disseminate international webinars and events
  • We made sure to have New Zealand presence at the Kibo Robot Programming Challenge – 2nd mission
  • We are working to improve space interests in Pacific Island nations

Upcoming Events

SGAC Events

Events Name Events Host City Events Date SGAC Link
Go Space Aotearoa! Auckland/
(5:00 PM – 6:15 PM)

Industry Events

Events Name Events Host City Events Date SGAC Link
Auckland’s aerospace industry Auckland 14/04/2021
(5:30-8 PM NZST)
Aerospace Christchurch Meet Up #18: Mars Plus Christchurch 01/06/2021
(5:00 PM – 8:00 PM NZST)

Interesting WebLinks

Purpose Link
SGAC NZ’s slack channel: To connect all New Zealand university students and young professionals with an interest in space.
Spacebase’s mission is to reduce inequality in the space industry
Te Pūnaha Ātea Space Institute aims to create and support and enhance the development of the New Zealand Space Sector
New Zealand Space Agency: the lead government agency for space policy, regulation and sector development
Rocket Lab: Launch provider in New Zealand
Dawn Aerospace: Payload delivery via space planes
LeoLab: LEO data
Xerra: Earth Observation Institute
Christchurch Aerospace: works to grow the economic wealth and aerospace capability of Christchurch
NZ Astrobiology Network: educate, collaborate and coordinate access to astrobiology
Awarua SGS: Provides access to LEO, MEO, and GEO missions
New Zealand Student Space Association: empower and inspire students to the space industry