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Welcome to the national page of Singapore!

Singapore’s foray into the space sector is largely focused on the technological approach, mainly through the academic frontier coming from universities and tertiary education institutions, as well as partnerships amongst space organisations in the ASEAN region.

The space scene here is a burgeoning one. The country being a hotbed for the region’s business operations, more companies, both local and international, have sprung up due to young professionals pursuing the challenges of space and addressing the needs of the world through space. For 2018, we are very excited to be the host country for the inaugural Space Generation [ASEAN], a workshop for 40 young professionals and students to work on salient space issues relevant to the region.

With an aim to develop space sciences in Singapore, SGAC Singapore is also currently working in collaboration with leaders from tertiary education institutions, grassroots organisations and the local NewSpace community. If you would like to actively promote, contribute and develop space sciences in Singapore, do reach out to our NPoCs!

Young Space Activities Overview in Singapore

In Singapore, most of the Astronomy and Space Science related activities are youth oriented. These activities are conducted by interest groups, universities, and school-based Astronomy and Space Science societies.

With close collaborations between a space tech startup, Bhattacharya Space Enterprises; three major Polytechnic astronomy groups in Singapore: Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, and Republic Polytechnic; as well as grassroots organisations and interest groups: Youth Executive Committee and Galaxy Astronomy Club, the country’s new and vibrant astronomy scene pushes the envelope with people-oriented activities – talks, hackathons, as well as events and interactive workshops in an effort to penetrate the nation’s psyche on the topic of space.

Country-Specific Events in 2018

31 Jan 2018 – 1st Space Generation [ASEAN] Workshop

National University of Singapore

The inaugural SG[ASEAN] is a one-day regional workshop for 40 young professionals and university students to discuss space issues pertinent to the ASEAN region. Held in Singapore, it will feature guest speakers from regional space agencies, UNOOSA, and the international space industry.

1-2 Feb 2018 – Global Space & Technology Convention

This year marks the 10th year of GSTC. Organized annually by the Singapore Space and Technology Association, the GSTC is Asia’s premier space-tech conference and is attended by around 500 delegates yearly. Participants come from top space corporations and agencies in the region.

4-10 Oct 2018 World Space Week Singapore

Fast becoming an annual affair, World Space Week Singapore is spearheaded by space-tech company BSE and partnered with SGAC Singapore to bring awareness of mini satellites to students and the general public, through hands-on workshops and lectures. It was attended by around 150 young people in 2017 and featured 10 local space industry experts.

Country-Specific Events in 2017

World Space Week Singapore – 8th Oct 2017
This year marks the country’s first participation of the global event, World Space Week. Spearheaded by BSE, where SGAC Singapore partnered with the local startup to bring awareness of satellites and its applications to students, young professionals, and everyone in between, via workshops and star parties.

Global Space & Technology Convention Singapore- February 2017
Held annually in February, the Global Space & Technology Convention (GSTC) organised by the Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), has been the premier space and technology event for the growing Asian markets since 2008. This year had dialogues with themes ranging from businesses to engineering standpoints.

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Singapore

Groups, people

Bhattacharya Space Enterprises – Singapore-based space technology training company that brings outer space research to local students. It frequently conducts CubeSat workshops and other special events, such as NASA astronaut visits.

Andromeda Observatory – The Observatory is a community group that hosts events and activities at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club every Friday and Saturday in the evening

Singapore Space & Technology Association – Established in 2007, SSTA is Singapore’s lead association focused on developing Singapore’s space-tech industry. It spearheads major trade initiatives and drives educational programmes to encourage STEM careers in the aerospace industry, including the Global Space & Technology Convention, expert workshops, and space camps for young people.

Global Space & Technology convention

Singapore Astropreneurs is a meetup group for space-minded young professionals and students from all backgrounds to discuss current and future trends in space tech. It conducts regularly meetups, bringing together enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and funders to build the local space tech ecosystem. To date it has nearly 500 registered members


Satellite Research Centre – provides an exciting and dynamic research environment for aspiring satellite and space enthusiasts. It made history in 2011 by building and launching Singapore’s first satellite, XSAT

Satellite Technology and Research Centre – STAR is set up in National University of Singapore to be a world-class centre for advanced distributed satellite systems, and is especially focused on miniaturized satellites. The objectives of STAR is to advance the satellite technology and train the manpower to meet industrial needs.