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Space activities in Croatia are at their beginnings. Besides several companies, research institutes and technical universities that are operating independently, there hasn’t been a comprehensive national space program in the country to this date. This might change in the coming years due to two key events. The first is the formation of Adriatic Aerospace Association in June 2017 in Zagreb. The second key event is the official launch of the country’s accession process with the European Space Agency (ESA). A significant change in the space sector in the country is anticipated following these events. The key to advances following these changes depends on close cooperation among all participants, a cross-disciplinary flow in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in cooperation with business and social studies as well as the involvement of young generation of professionals. We are all welcome to be a part of it!

Young Space Activities Overview in Croatia

There is a very active base of space enthusiasts in Croatia who are big promoters of space technology and science in all walks of life. One of the important activities is World Space Week, the world’s largest public display of benefits and excitement about space exploration. 137 different events were organized in 2017 across the country, and even more of them are planned for the next year! There is a small but active base of professionals who are participating in international Space industry events and competitions. The most successful ones are Croatian representatives of the Synergy Moon, one of 5 teams remaining in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. There are several networks of companies and institutions focused on the space industry and science, amongst which Adriatic Aerospace Association is the most distinguished. The Association is a partnership of science and commercial technology firms. Among other activities, the association plans to support students and young professionals in building their aerospace careers. Croatia has a very active students’ and young professional information and communications technology community (ICT) and start-up ecosystem. They are supported by numerous educational institutions and hubs for high-tech and entrepreneurship. Croatian young space community is growing, and we are looking for new members. Don’t hesitate to join our country-specific mailing list or become an SGAC member.

Currently there are no appointed NPoCs, but for more information please contact the Regional Coordinators for Europe.

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