SGAC Estonia

National Points of Contact

Welcome to the country page of the SGAC Estonia!

The main objective of the SGAC Estonia is to reach and connect students and young professionals in order to inspire Estonia’s next space generation.

The space sector of Estonia is not big, since we are the member of ESA from 2015 and the country itself is rather small. Nevertheless, throughout the history, important individuals for space sector have emerged from here, for example, Ernst Öpik, in whose honor is named the Öpik-Oort cloud. Right now, our most famous space-related space endeavor is the ESTCube – a student satellite project form by a group of students mainly from the University of Tartu.

If you are a university student or a young professional passionate about space and interested in learning more about SGAC and its Estonian community, join us!

Currently there are no appointed NPoCs, but for more information please contact the Regional Coordinators for Europe.

SGAC has just recently established a position in the form of the NPoCs in Estonia, hence it is an unfilled territory for new activities and opportunities in the country. Nevertheless, there is a number of different space-related workshops, calls and programs going on in the country and one of the goals of the SGAC Estonia is to try to unite these little cells into one coherent body of network of space sector

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