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Welcome dear Finn or visitor! On these pages you will find information on the Finnish space activities and opportunities for young professionals and students. The Finnish space activities began soon after national independence in the 1920’s. These activities were for a long time mostly academic but grew steadily until in the 1980’s Finland joined ESA and other space organizations and had it’s first contribution launched to orbit.

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Currently, Finland is an active member of the European space community. Specializing in scientific instruments, subsystems and software, Finland has taken part in numerous space-related projects in addition to being an active contributor in the European Space Agency’s missions. The high level of education and scientific research in Finnish Universities and companies offers young Finns a great background for exploring space and taking part in mankind’s greatest quest.

There are a few active organizations providing young students and professionals with opportunities to take part in and learn more about space sciences and technologies. These organizations organize various events aimed in education, inspiration and active problem-solving. Interest towards space sciences and activities has risen lately. Good examples of successful projects and events include, for example, the Aalto-1 satellite constructed by Aalto University students and the International Space Apps Challenge local event held in Tampere. More is surely to come – please join us on this quest!

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