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Although Hungary is not a ‘big’ space country, about 40 scientific research institutes, companies and university departments take part in the Hungarian space activities. The country has signed the PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States) agreement many years ago. In June 2013, Hungary officially announced its request to join the European Space Agency (ESA) and finally on 24 February 2015 Hungary has signed the Accession Agreement to the ESA Convention with the ESA. The process of ratification by the Hungarian government was concluded on 4th  Novembe and Hungary formally became ESA’s 22nd Member State.

The oldest Hungarian civil space society, the Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT) was established more than 50 years ago, and gathers many people interested in space activities. The Memorandum of Understanding between SGAC and MANT was signed on 30th of September 2014 during the International Astronautical Congress in Toronto.
The idea of the first Hungarian satellite was shared by a few Hungarian young people. The first cubesat became reality and it was successfully launched on 13 February 2012. On 9 January 2015 the satellite reentered into the atmosphere and burned. This project provides huge amount of data and experiences for the next generation of the Hungarian space researchers, furthermore it is a big success and achievement for the country.

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Young Space Activities Overview in Hungary

Although there is no aerospace engineering faculty in the country, many young people interested in space have made a great impact already on the Hungarian space activities. They took part in the European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO) and carried out successful experiments in the REXUS/BEXUS programme (Rocket and Balloon Experiments for University Students). The first satellite of the country, the cubesat Masat-1 was constructed by students and young researchers at the Budapest University of Technology and Economy. Besides the scientific research, several highlighting lectures offer great opportunity to share the vision of young professionals. The Mars-related lectures held by the young experts of the Eötvös Loránd University are famous in the country.

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