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Main objective of the SGAC Serbia is to reach and connect students and young professionals in order to inspire Serbia’s next space generation.

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Young Space Activities Overview in Serbia

In Serbia, space governance, space technology, space law and their significance tend to be perceived as an expensive and, more importantly, as an exclusive realm only a select few superpowers can take part in. Serbia is not a spacefaring nation, it does not have a space programme nor does it participate in space activities. However, it does not necessarily have to start from the beginning, since Yugoslavia signed four of the five existing space treaties in the late 1960s. This means that Serbia has firm ground to develop its space strategy and join international institutions, especially those for which it already fulfils initial requirements for membership.

In addition to this, there are several private initiatives from NGOs that are trying to contribute to Serbia’s engagement in the space domain. For instance, Serbian Case for Space Foundation tries to raise awareness about the manifold benefits that satellite systems offer, it organizes workshops and webinars with local and international experts, and hosts hackathons, which gives the possibility for students and young professionals to learn how to use satellite data in commercial purposes. Furthermore, SERBSPACE is organizing the first online South East European space conference, which will discuss Serbian space programme and policy.

Lastly, Minister of technological development and innovation signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS and with the Chinese government to collaborate in the future in peaceful exploration of outer space.

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