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Slovenia has a long history of involvement with astronomy, space science and space exploration – from Jozef Stefan’s research in black body radiation to space travel pioneers like Herman Potocnik Noordung, who was at the heart of the 1920s’ “first shot at space”. More recently, Slovenian-born scientists and engineers were involved in several key international projects, though it is only in the past couple of decades that globally important research and applications are being developed in Slovenia itself. In addition to the world leading research which is being conducted at Slovenian universities, for instance in space medicine, Slovenian companies supply state-of-the-art components and materials to the global space industry. Furthermore, many interdisciplinary centers and groups have been established in the past decades to explore opportunities to develop independent capabilities and space assets, in particular tracking and ground stations, small satellites and components, and data analysis and applications.

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Slovenia is also leads the world in the field of contextualizing space science and technology through art and humanities, both in research and practice, with an extensive program of activities supported by key international space agencies and players, including NASA, ESA and Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency). Though still without a national space agency or a state-backed space programme, since 2016 Slovenia is an Associated Member State of ESA (European Space Agency). The efforts of students and young professionals of SGAC Slovenia are aimed at assisting the development of our growing space community and to support all and any activities to further “Slovenia’s reach for the stars”!

Young Space Activities Overview in Slovenia

SGAC has just recently reached Slovenia and is aiming to provide a central location for space networking in Slovenia. The main goal is to offer Slovenian students and young professionals, who are interested in space related areas, a chance to get in touch with Slovenian and global space community, develop their network of contacts, and build their knowledge. SGAC Slovenia hopes to bring the young Slovenian space enthusiasts together to grow the network. If you are interested in space, have any useful information (e.g., links, events, clubs or societies) which would add to our current page, or just want to become involved yourself, do not hesitate to contact our NPoC for more information. Join us!

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