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With our generation’s Space Race well and truly underway, the UK is making sure that this time, we don’t get left behind, with our government setting the ambitious target to double our share of the global space market to 10% by the year 2030.

Doubling our market share means doubling our workforce, and this new initiative will result in an additional 30,000 new jobs in space, through an increase in investment in both space infrastructure and space education.

Here at the UK chapter of the SGAC, we want to support you in making your difference in space by building a strong network of students and young professionals.

Join our WhatsApp group using the link below and get stuck in today. See you on the launch pad!

Young Space Activities Overview in the United Kingdom

There are many ways that students and young professionals can get involved with the UK space industry and all that it offers. The most common ways are through their academic studies, student societies, conferences and workshops. If you know of anything space related happening in your area that you want us to share with others and advertise, do let us know!

Country-Specific Events in 2023

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