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“The Arab world is at a turning point. We have gone through the phases of oil, money and early technological development. The new generation is looking forward to joining the rest of the world by obtaining the most important things in that turnaround: opportunity and education. Together they are the keys that open the door for our future. My space flight is just a crack in that door.”
– Prince Sultan Bin Salman He flew as a Payload Specialist on STS-51G Discovery. He represented the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (ARABSAT) in deploying it satellite, ARABSAT-1B.

Young Space Activities Overview in Saudi Arabia

With all the amazing scientific advances related to space, and more to come in the near future, it is equally critical to participate as much as getting the benefit of these advances. We are looking for youth in Saudi Arabia to be involved and contribute to the field of aerospace.

Recent Country-Specific Events

  • Yuri’s Night Celebration 2011: This event was a huge success and was supported by Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University and Prince Sultan Centre for Science and Technology (Scitech).
  • Saudi Aramco Cultural Summer Program 2011 (iSpark): is a series of events including arts, culture, heritage, education, sports and entertainment. Taking place in Dhahran, the Saudi Aramco and King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture teamed up with the California ScienCenter to bring the fun science “ispark” hands-on program, making “living in space” a learning experience that kids will never forget. The “living in space” program leads the kids discover how the laws of physics affect getting into space and introduce to them the International Space Station. Also, they will have the chance to learn about environmental challenges of living in space as well as its effects on the human body. Towards the end of the program, they will have the chance to build their own space stations and present them to their families.
  • “One Planet” Released: is a documentation of the story behind the first Arab- Moslem astronaut experience in space during June 1985. As a payload specialist on board the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51-G, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Al-Saud, manifested the launching of an Arab Satellite (Arabsat 1-B), which represented the 22 Arab Countries. While in space, the Saudi astronaut conducted several scientific experiments set by a Saudi scientific team. The book documents this mission and its impact and future on the Arab World. In addition, it covers several aspects of space technology, space exploration including chronological achievements in space flights and many major events occurred through-out the space age. For more information:

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