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Welcome to the SGAC Cuba Website!

Welcome to Cuba SGAC page!

For first time SGAC has landed in Cuba! The purpose of this page is to create interest in young people to promote and improve space research made in Cuba.

We are sure that young Cubans have the necessary potential, both in preparation and ambition, to take the big step towards a strong program in the future. We can lay the foundation for it!

If you are a student, professional, passionate researcher or simply an enthusiast of the great dream that is space exploration, we will be happy to open our doors to share ideas, projects and reflections.

SGAC is a worldwide community of dreamers, join us! You can be part of the first Cuban space generation, and there is a lot to do. Do you want to create a bright future for space science in our country? Do you want to expand the limits of our imagination and reach? Help us create an opportunity for Cuba in space!

Young Space Activities Overview in Cuba

Although it is true that Cuba does not have (for now) a long tradition of space, in 1980, on board Soyuz 38, the first Cuban cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez took off as part of the Intercosmos program of the Soviet Union. Since then, most of the research and promotion of space sciences has been carried out by the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy (IGA), which has developed various activities, specially focused on solar observation. In 2009 the Planetarium of Havana was founded, in collaboration with Japan, and since then they have carried out a multitude of educational and outreach activities, especially to the youngest.


Cuba now has its very first National Point of Contact, and for first time we are able to reach the young people to inspire and grow a national network of students, professionals and enthusiasts, in order to create a space interest community. Our primary objective right now is to build solid alliances and collaborations with institutions and people, and then push forward outreach projects, events, collaborative activities and engage opportunities. If you have suggestions, projects or interesting ideas, we will be happy to hear from you, so don’t hesitate and reach out! SGAC is a house for creativity and initiative.

Stay In Touch With Us!

National Point of Contact (NPoC):

Whatsapp: +5354597928

Twitter: @marcos3AL (

Email: [email protected]

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation 

Educational/Public institutions:

  • Instituto de Geofísica y Atronomía ( The Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy (IGA) is the main institution focused in space research in our country.
  • Planetario de La Habana ( Planetarium of Havana is a place for outreach and promotion of space.
  • Instituto Superior de Tecnologías y Ciencias Aplicadas ( The InSTEC is an institute focused in nuclear and environmental sciences that counts with an Aerospace Chair.
  • Academia de Ciencias de Cuba ( Is the national academy of sciences, and gathers academics from all spheres of sciences.