SGAC Guatemala

National Points of Contact Guatemala

Guatemalans have been interested in space since ancient times, when the members of the Mayan Civilization would gaze at the stars with wonder. They developed intricate methods to observe Space and had an extensive understanding of the Cosmos. Guatemala is one of the regions in which the Mayan culture thrived; unfortunately the aspiration to understand the complexities in Space and reach for the stars was almost lost. There is currently a revitalization of interest in our country and SGAC is working to keep up the momentum.

Young Space Activities Overview in Guatemala

Welcome to the SGAC Guatemala, this site and SGAC in general provides young Guatemalan professionals, students, and the general public with opportunities to learn, share, and build relationships related to the space sector; it also serves as a networking platform to get in contact with other peers, professionals, agencies, institutions and organizations across the globe. Guatemala has had several space activities throughout the past years. In 2013, the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONCYT) and the University Galileo organized the first workshop in Space Engineering in the country’s history. This was done with the help of Guatemalan Astrophysicist Dr. Julio Gallegos. Students and teachers of the university participated in the event. The University, San Carlos de Guatemala, has hosted Guatemalan participation in NASA’s SpaceApps Challenges for the past several years. This has brought a large community of Guatemalans to participate in a “hack day” to use space to overcome problems on Earth.


Country-Specific Events in 2016

For this year’s World Space Week, SGAC in collaboration with the University del Valle, for the first time in the history of the country is hosting an event to promote the usage of space technologies. In these two-days event there will be conferences, workshops and expositions of all the space projects related to the university. If you are a high school student in your final years come join us on 6th of October at 8:00am, don’t forget to register by scanning the QR code in the flyer. If you are a university student, or are interested in space activities in Guatemala, or you can benefit from space activities come then join us on the 7th of October at 8:30am.