SGAC Nicaragua

National Points of Contact Nicaragua

Welcome to the Nicaraguan site for the Space Generation Advisory Council! SGAC Nicaragua provides opportunities for young professionals, students and anyone interested to learn, share, and build relationships related to the space sector; it also serves as a networking platform to get in contact with other peers, professionals, agencies, institution and international organizations. Nicaragua has envisioned many challenges and initiatives for the space exploration in cooperation with other international countries and agencies. The first participation of Nicaragua dates back last December 2008 during a governmental visit to Moscow when the Roscosmos Spacial Agency and Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Post Services TELCOR signed a memorandum of understanding to perform research related to the space sector, in particular the use and development of the global satellite system GLONASS. Space exploration represents to Nicaragua relevant benefits for the country development in terms of advancing technology for humanity, breaking up digital divide, training future leaders and experts in the field, producing capacity building and infrastructure.

Young Space Activities Overview in Nicaragua

During 2014, SGAC has started activities with high schools, institutes and universities. Last April 2014 NPoC Mario Aleman, served as a facilitator for the Mission to Mars: Virtual Field Trip, a NASA initiative which encourage the participation of international schools through an online and virtual learning experience, where students from each site present their chosen landing site for a surface mission to Mars and are also given the opportunity to learn about planetary facts and interact with questions to engineers and scientists who work on NASA. In this opportunity, two Nicaraguan high school (30 students) attended the event at United States Embassy in Managua which included rehearsal and briefing sessions and got connected with schools in Washington DC, Argentina and Texas.

Country-Specific Events

SGAC Nicaragua has partnered with The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE Nicaragua to develop together technical activities such as conferences, talks and workshops. IEEE has currently 38 technical societies, among IEEE Aerospace and Electronics System Society where members can subscribe to access and share technical information through networking. Next event will be organized by IEEE and SAG Nicaragua during May 2014 which includes a science talk where schools, institutions (ANASA) can discuss related topics and trends in the future of space exploration and astronomy for Nicaragua. In addition to activities planned during 2014, SGAC aims to work together with Asociacion Centroamericana de Aeronautica y del Espacio ACAE, a nonprofit organization based in Costa Rica and serving the Central American aerospace community. Next September 26, 2014 a conference with ACAE representative will be scheduled during IEEE CONESCAPAN convention in Managua in order to launch a new local chapter and join efforts for space-related projects.

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