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Heading to an exiting 2019, we are proud to publish space related activities done in the last few months in Bolivia and more events to go in the following months. These related activities involved students, companies, universities and our Bolivian Space Agency, with more participation of students and young professionals!. We are happy and proud to be the next hosts of the SA-SGW expecting to have a lot of participants of the region in this 5th version of the SA-SGW.

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Second National Astronomical Camp: With the sponsor of Terratec, a company commercializing extraordinary telescopes in Bolivia, and an outstanding volunteering work of Paola Daniela Ochoa, the National Astronomical Camp is having its second version from the 23 to the 25th of November in Isla del Sol of the Titicaca Lake (a perfect place to do a star gazing), in the Ecolodge “La Estancia”. The event will have presentations, workshops and of course a star gazing with professional telescopes, the event also includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, transportation and hotel for the full event. If interested do not hesitate to contact the organizers at: [email protected] and be part of this amazing opportunity to see south hemispheric stars and constellations!.


Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to be part of the organizing team of the 5th sa-sgw which for the first time it will be hosted by the Spacegeneration volunteers of Bolivia, we are extremely exited to give to all the participants the best experience possible.

The deadline to apply to these opportunities is the 20th of April and the results will be announced by the end of April, you will have the opportunity to coordinate this event with people from all over the world and let you meet amazing people from the space industry not only in Bolivia.

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