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Thanks to the evolution of science and technology, the fascinating universe is now within your reach. Through technology and communications you can study what you like, participate in global discussions, or simply understand things, that just for curiosity, you always wanted to. SGAC is here to support you in this endeavor and to connect you with others like you! Our regional and hemispheric situation gives us a privileged position for the sustainable development of our profession. Our work encompasses all facets of science. We need your help to make this small geographic region, a promising scientific centre. We have the means, education, technology, public and private institutions, but there is still need for another crucial element. This element is your participation. At SGAC, we have high hopes for growth in areas like ours because we believe that only globally we can act for the benefit of all humankind.

Young Space Activities Overview in Uruguay

In Uruguay most of the aerospace related activities are youth oriented. In particular, on the past years there were many activities done to encourage young students to pursue careers in science and technology. An example is the E-Scientia exhibition, where groups of high school students enter what looks like a space base and become part of a mission working on different modules. Also several University and High School Uruguayan students participated in international aerospace competitions. On 2010 it was the first time that a group of university students from a non-USA university was finalist at RASC-AL (Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts-Academic Linkage) forum, which is a competition organized by NASA and the National Institute of Aeronautics. Another teams participated again on 2011 and 2012. On 2012 some projects kept doing progress such as Project LAI. The aim of this project is to introduce undergraduate students to aerospace activities, with the final objective of launching the first Uruguayan satellite. The launch is estimated for December 2013. This activity started with the release of stratospheric balloons and later many groups of students worked on different modules of a CubeSat. Furthermore, once again, high school students from all over the country were selected to participate at the Latin-American Olympiads of Astronomy and Astronautics. Also, CIDA-E (Centro de Investigación y Difusión Aeronáutico-Espacial) is actively involved in activities, mainly related to Aeronautic and Space Law and encourages new enrollees.

Country-Specific Events in 2013

  • Science and Technology Week (21-27 May)
  • World Space Week (4-10 October)
  • All students from the Universidad de la Republica are invited to be part of Project LAI, for more information on the different sub-projects click here!
  • E-Scientia Exhibition, located at the Espacio Ciencia Interactive Center of Science and Technology.
  • Astronomy Olympiads in High Schools: High school students will be selected throughout the country to participate in the Latin-American Olympiads of Astronomy and Astronautics.
  • CIDA-E Annual Event: Held at the National Directorate of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure (DINACIA), this event aims to inform the Uruguayan aeronautic community about the annual activities of CIDA-E. There are various presentations by distinguished speakers, mainly in the legal aeronautic field, about international aspects that concern Uruguay.


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Uruguay

Groups, People Project LAÍ, project to build Uruguay’s first satellite IEEE Student Branch Universidad de la República Uruguay Astronomy Professor Association Association of Amateur Astronomers Institutions IEEE Uruguay Section DINACIA, National Directorate of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure Uruguayan Astronomy Society Municipal Planetary of Montevideo Kappa Crucis Observatory Los Molinos Observatory Studies Engineering Studies at Universidad de la República Department of Astronomy of the Faculty of Science of the Universidad de la Republica Pages with many links of interest

Urugay_Students_releasing_the_4th_balloonsat_from_Project_LAI 110113_-_e-scientia
Project LAI e-scientia
110113_-_RASC-AL 110113_-_yuris_night_042
RASC-AL  Yuri’s Night