SGAC Venezuela

National Points of Contact Venezuela

or the past several years Venezuela has been increasing its participation in space-related activities. SGAC as international organisation has been a tool for those Venezuelan students and professionals who want to be involved in the space field. If you are a Venezuelan who loves space, astronomy, aeronautics, then you should think about joining our team. It will allow you to have a space network and to be involved in international projects. SGAC is currently looking for a National Point of Contact for Venezuela. To apply, please send your Letter of Intent, CV and high resolution headshot to [email protected].

Young Space Activities Overview in Venezuela

Space related activities in Venezuela for young people include rocket competitions, astronomy observations, aeronautical projects and space educational activities in schools. World Space Week and Yuri’s Night events have been the main focus of recent SGAC activities. We have been developing these projects in past years in order to motivate and educate people about space, its benefits and the opportunities offered by space agencies and associations to public in general.  

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Venezuela

Groups and Institutions Humboldt Planetary, Caracas University Group for Astronomical Research – GUIA USB CIDA ARVAL Observatory

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