Reaching to space has been always a source of inspiration, and the Kuwaiti youth are looking for new opportunities to join the space community all around the world to contribute on the future.

Space Generation Kuwait or SG [Kuwait] is an initiative that creates the environment for the local youth to express their ideas and thoughts on how to involve Kuwait into space. SG [Kuwait] will communicate the produced ideas to decision makers in the country.

The idea of SG [Kuwait] started in summer 2016. The idea is to support students and young professionals to write proposals on establishing a space program in Kuwait. To produce professional proposals, SG [Kuwait] will provide the necessary support and guidance for the participants. The support is by providing educational resources that cover space sciences, create a template that include important items for a space program, and by providing online mentorships. The mentors are like minded SGAC members who are actually involved in the space field. SG [Kuwait] participants will have one month to complete their proposals, and after submitting the proposals, they will present their ideas during the SG [Kuwait] event day. After the event day, local mentors from the Arab Institute for planning will provide coaching for the participants to condition their ideas to Kuwait.

Before launching, SG [Kuwait] has gained the attention and support from different institutes in Kuwait. The Ministry of State for Youth Affairs is the strategic partner of SG [Kuwait]. Moreover, SG [Kuwait] has an endorsement letter from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science. The Arab Institute of Planning has sponsored the event by providing meeting rooms and a venue to host the SG [Kuwait] event day. Kuwait University has supported SG [Kuwait] by the approval of a media campaign within the campus. Not to forget the support of SGAC members who helped on organizing SG [Kuwait].

SG [Kuwait] was launched during the last week of January 2017 with a media campaign in Kuwait University and in social media. The media campaign aimed to call for participants, and 7 teams from different backgrounds were selected. In February 2017, the teams have come up with amazing ideas that cover the multidisciplinary of space sciences. And in the 3rd of March, 2017, the ideas will be revealed during the SG [Kuwait] event day.

The 7 teams as well as the event manager of SG [Kuwait] are hoping for the attention of decision makers in a national level and looking forward to create new opportunities for Kuwait in the space field.