SGAC held elections in January/February 2024 to elect the next Regional Coordinators (RCs) in the Asia Pacific Region. We are happy to announce that Antonio Stark (South Korea) and Gillian Chin (Singapore) have been elected as the Regional Coordinators for the Asia Pacific Region.

Detailed election results and the profile of the applicants follow:

Election Report

The election received 6 applications for two regional coordinator positions. 

17 NPoCs took part in the election, with the following result:

  • Antonio Stark (South Korea) – 34.375%
  • Gillian Chin (Singapore) – 18.75%


SGAC congratulates Antonio Stark (South Korea) and Gillian Chin (Singapore) for their election and thanks all the candidates who participated in this election.

About Antonio Stark

Antonio Stark (KangSan Kim) is a South Korean space technology and policy expert. Antonio works across a variety of fields including space security, satellite constellation, space data analysis, and international cooperation. Antonio has served in the SGAC Asia-Pacific team first as a Regional Partnerships Manager, before becoming the Regional Coordinator from 2022-2024. Antonio serves in multiple space organizations including the Moon Village Association, Space Court Foundation, National Space Society, and Interstellar Foundation. Antonio loves exploring new countries and going scuba diving.

This is what Antonio had to say about his election

“The Asia-Pacific region’s space sector has been growing on an unprecedented scale in the last decade, and I’ve had the privilege to lead the SGAC’s regional team for the past few years. It’s an honor to be elected to a second term now, where the opportunities and challenges are as daunting as ever. I hope to connect more frequently with our members, support more partnerships with our professional sector, and develop AP as a strong region that can contribute to the SGAC global community.”



About Gillian Chin

A go-getter with a curiosity for finding out everything about everything, Gillian’s love for Space stems from the science fiction books and movies she consumed growing up. She is currently an Assistant Manager at Space Faculty Pte Ltd helping to raise awareness for Asia Pacific’s space ecosystem and develop the next generation of technology leaders through experimentation, learning, and leadership. Born and raised in Singapore, Gillian is passionate about creating more opportunities for youths from emerging and non-spacefaring nations to join the space industry.

Within SGAC, she has served as the National Point of Contact for Singapore for the last three and a half years and has been a member of the scholarships team since January 2023. In her free time, Gillian enjoys reading, hiking, and rock climbing.

This is what Gillian had to say about her election

“I’m deeply honored to be elected as Regional Coordinator for the Asia Pacific region and am excited to work alongside our fantastic regional team and NPoCs. Thank you for placing your trust in me and I am committed to representing the voices of our members and continue fuelling the growth of our region.”