Results of Regional Coordinator Election in the Europe Region

SGAC held elections in June 2023 to elect the next Regional Coordinator (RC) in the Europe Region. We are happy to announce the selection of Bram De Winter (Netherlands) as the new Regional Coordinator for Europe.

Detailed election results and the profile of the applicants follow.

Election Report

The election received two applications for one regional coordinator position. 

22 votes were received in the election. The election concluded with the following result:

  • Bram De Winter (Netherlands) – 17 votes (77.3 %)
  • Matej Poliacek (Slovakia) – 4 votes (18.2%)
  • Abstained – 1 vote (4.5%)

Bram De Winter is therefore declared the winner of the election for Regional Coordinator of the European Region.  

SGAC congratulates all candidates who took part in this election.  Thank you for your participation and involvement.


About Bram De Winter

Bram de Winter is a planetary scientist whose work is focused on better understanding the formation processes of terrestrial planets. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Oxford after completing his master’s and bachelor’s degrees at VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His research combines computational and experimental techniques to better understand Earth’s and the Moon’s formation towards the system that we are observing in the present day. He combines his passion for science with his interests in space exploration and the European space sector to build a sustainable future for space exploration.

Bram has been an active member of SGAC since October 2021 serving as Co-Lead of the Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG) and NPoC of the Netherlands. He founded multiple projects in SEPG that resulted in an active project group of over 100 active members. Bram has been part of multiple event organisations, such as the AAE Space Exploration Conference and has been awarded the European Space Leaders Award in 2023. Bram enjoys playing Volleyball, where he is the team captain of the University of Oxford team that plays in the highest division in the United Kingdom

This is what Bram had to say about his election

“Thank you! / Dank je wel, I’m extremely honoured to have been selected as Regional Coordinator of Europe for the next 2 years and have the support of the amazing NPoCs that are active in Europe. SGAC has been a big part of my personal development and I’m happy to have been given the chance to experience coordinating the amazing region of Europe. I’m looking forward to working with all NPoCs and European members for the next 2 years and supporting their initiatives. SGAC in Europe has so much potential and energy, and I’m looking forward to bringing everyone together to work towards a bright future for young professionals/students in every country in Europe.”

This is what current Regional Coordinator Antonio Scannapieco had to say about Bram’s election

“I am very pleased to have Bram joining the European Team as Regional Coordinator. I have had the chance to appreciate his enthusiasm as the National Point of Contact for the Netherlands, and I am sure that with his motivation and support, we as a team will successfully continue in the endeavour of sustainable growth for the European Region!”

This is what current Co-Chair Antonino Salmeri had to say about Bram’s election

“I am very pleased to welcome Bram as the new Regional Coordinator for Europe. I worked with Bram when we briefly shared the co-leadership of the Space Exploration Project Group and I can see he grew so much since those days. Therefore, I am confident that Bram will honour this important position with the responsibility that it demands. I wish him all the best for a successful term, and look forward to working with him and the senior Regional Coordinator Antonio Scannapieco for the continuous success of SGAC in Europe and beyond”