SGAC held elections in May to elect the next Regional Coordinator (RC) in the European Region. We are happy to announce the selection of Alexandra Jercaianu (Romania) as the new Regional Coordinator for Europe.

Detailed election results and the profile of the applicant follows. Alexandra was the only candidate that ran for the election. All the votes supported that candidacy and hence Alexandra has been re-elected for a second term.

Election Report

The election received one application for one regional coordinator position.

20 NPoCs out of 48 took part in the election, with the following result:

100% Votes in Support of Alexandra’s candidacy

About Alexandra Jercaianu

Alexandra is currently working as a Project Manager for Euroconsult – a consulting company fully dedicated to space and satellite vertical markets – where she works on several program development tracks for Euroconsult’s flagship event, the World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) whilst also contributing to space policy and programs consulting missions for global governmental and industry clients. Before Euroconsult, Alexandra worked as a Project Manager for Eurisy, where she focused on building bridges between space and non-space sector markets to strengthen the diffusion of satellite-derived innovation, technology, and data.  

Prior to switching to the space sector, she admits having never considered a professional path within this sector, nor the venues open to non-STEM academic profiles. She argues that encountering the enthusiastic and diverse global community of volunteers at SGAC has played a significant role in her decision to continue in space and motivates her to give back her skills to empower others to bring about positive change in the sector. 

Alexandra holds degrees in International Security and Conflict Studies from the Paris School of International Affairs (SciencesPo) and Romania’s National School of Political Studies & Public Administration and is a recipient of the International Astronautical Federation’s 2019 Emerging Space Leaders Award.

This is what Alexandra had to say about his election

First and foremost, I would like to start by thanking our National Contact Points in the region for their trust and for allowing me to continue to serve their interests and needs at a regional and local level with this second mandate. Thank you so much! In Europe and globally, I see SGAC as a catalyst and an empowering platform for all those looking for a space, a venue, a network to bring their projects, vision and ideas forward outside their professional and academic spheres and I look forward to continuing working with our community to turn aspirations into hands-on initiatives. 

The past two years has seen SGAC grow significantly – we now host regional events on all six continents, we’ve increased our number of scholarships and project groups, we’ve launched a new Mentorship programme, a Job Board, several paper competitions, we’ve engaged in numerous partnerships with organisations across the entire space value added chain and now in the light of the ongoing dynamics related to the Covid19 pandemic, we’re going fully online with a completely remote global congress. All these initiatives and more, would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of our members and I am deeply honoured by this opportunity to stand alongside you and be a part of this amazing community of volunteers. As we take SGAC forward, I am excited to discover what frontiers we will be breaching next together! Ad astra!