Results of Regional Coordinator Election in the South America Region

SGAC held elections in January/February 2024 to elect the next Regional Coordinator (RC) in the South American Region. We are happy to announce that Erik Busnello Imbuzeiro (Brazil) has been elected as the Regional Coordinator for South America.

Detailed election results and the profile of the applicants follow.

Election Report

The election received two applications for one regional coordinator position.  

5 votes were received in the election. The election concluded with the following result:

  • Erik Busnello Imbuzeiro (Brazil) ( 60%)
  • Nicolàs Ortega (Chile) (40%)


Erik Busnello Imbuzeiro is therefore declared the winner of the election for Regional Coordinator in the South America Region.  

SGAC congratulates all candidates who took part in this election. Thank you for your participation and involvement.

About Erik Busnello Imbuzeiro

Erik, an aerospace enthusiast and advocate for the transformative power of space, currently serves as an Assistant at the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). Combining a deep-rooted passion for space exploration with a background in aerospace engineering, he now pursues a master’s degree in Economics, focused in Space and Defense. Erik’s professional journey in the space sector began as an intern in 2018 at the Department for the Monitoring of Space Affairs of the Presidency of Brazil, later joining AEB’s workforce at the Directorate for Planning, Budget, and Administration at the Brazilian Space Agency. Recently allocated to the Directorate for Strategic Intelligence and New Business, Erik shares the belief that space is a catalyst for positive change. Multilingual, avid traveler and having lived in South America, Africa and Europe, he embraces and promotes cultural diversity. His unwavering commitment to SGAC, evidenced by his former role as NPoC for Brazil, demonstrates a vision to elevate South America’s role in the global space community. Erik envisions SGAC as a unifying force, fostering diversity and driving collective efforts toward a future where space benefits all of humanity.

This is what Erik had to say about his election

“I’m extremely happy to be considered apt by my fellow NPOCs to represent not only Brazil, but all of South America within the SGAC community. SGAC is a family that must set an example to the world of what really is embedded in the word space and that we work ultimately to the betterment of humanity on Earth. I feel honoured to be a part of this and to be contributing, to the best of my ability, towards the strengthening of the space sector in South America.”