SGAC Announces the Winner of the SG [Spain] 2023 Airbus Scholarship

In cooperation with Airbus, SGAC is pleased to announce  Odei Barcos the winners of the 2023 Airbus Scholarship to attend SG[Spain] in Barcelona, Spain on November 18th.

Odei Barcos

Odei Barcos, a Telecommunication Engineering graduate from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, pursued his Master’s in Telecommunication Engineering, specializing in Space Technology, at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). In 2019, he joined Airbus UK’s Graduate Programme as a Payload System Engineer, where he conducted various Radio Frequency and calibration analyses for projects like Quantum Payload. He also carried out different STEM activities promoting Airbus and engineering in different universities and schools, trying to bring science closer to children. Currently, Odei holds the role of Payload Customization Manager for Onesat payload, ensuring that the payload design is optimised for performance, cost & schedule, and that customer requirements are satisfied.

“Thrilled and honored to be chosen for this scholarship, its an incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and contribute to an exiting future. I am ready to explore new frontiers and shape the future of space!”