SGAC Announces the Winner of the SGx2024 Northrop Grumman Art Competition

In partnership with Northrop Grumman, SGAC is pleased to announce Maria Stolarczyk as the winner of the Northrop Grumman Art Competition! Maria will  attend the 9th SGx (March 18-19th, 2024) and SATELLITE conference (March 18th-21st, 2024) in Washington D.C., USA. Congratulations!

Maria Stolarczyk

Maria has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. Her B.S. project presents a proposal for a new architectural form of an astronomical observatory research station, aiming to create a more livable workspace that considers the needs of the observers, beyond just the technical aspects of telescope placement. Throughout her studies, Maria participated in two ERASMUS+ exchange programmes, at VIA University College in Denmark and at KU Leuven in Belgium. From her first semester at WUT, she was an active member of the Students’ Space Association, focusing on collaborative participation in international competitions. She contributed to the PW-SAT3 project and the Sirius Mars rover for the ERC and URC competitions. Maria‘s expertise extends beyond architecture to encompass design, public relations, and social media. She handled PR tasks, focusing on promoting projects and fostering relationships with sponsors. She also participated as a space architect in the Space Station Design Workshop in Germany and the Mars Colony Hackathon in Poland. Over the last four years, she has been part of a non-governmental academic organization that brings together students and architecture enthusiasts. She is excited to join the SGAC and contribute to its initiatives.

” I am honored to be the SGx2024 Northrop Grumman Art Competition Award recipient. Art remains the connective tissue in the space as it is in our existence. For me, the exploration of space and the pursuit of science to bring us closer to the stars and other planets can only be fully achieved in the context of our values, including beauty, aesthetics and art.”