Embracing diversity is the cornerstone of SGAC’s principles. The goal of the Asia Pacific Space Leaders Award is to provide an opportunity for interaction between members of the space sector with diverse geographic and professional backgrounds. SGAC is pleased to announce Brelveenraj Kaur Rajwant Singh, Khushi Shah, Aaruni Sharma and Aileen Shu Yeen Wee as the winners of the 2024 Asia Pacific Space Leader Award. The winners will be sponsored to attend the 10th Asia Pacific Space Generation Workshop to be held on 22nd to 24th of April 2024, in Malé, Maldives.

Congratulations Brelveenraj Kaur, Khushi, Aileen Shu Yeen and Aaruni!

Brelveenraj Kaur Rajwant Singh

Brelveen is currently a Senior Engineer attached to the Satellite Engineering department at MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd (“MEASAT”). She has 5 years of experience in spacecraft control, engineering, satellite communications, and space system operation and maintenance. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Communications) from National Defense University of Malaysia and pursued her MSc in Aerospace Engineering with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Having a passion for space and satellites, she has presented her research in an international platform at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and International Conference on Space Science and Communication (IconSpace). Her first paper on Ground Based Augmentation Systems was published in the Springer – Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Space Science and Communication.
She also served as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Malaysia with Space Generation Advisory Council. She demonstrated exceptional responsibility through talks in industries and universities. Additionally, she successfully led the SGAC Malaysia team of four members to collaborate and gain recognition from the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) in the inaugural Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace event (LIMA) in 2023. Furthermore, she is an active advocate for SGAC members, resulting in their acknowledgment and inclusion as stakeholders in governmental policy-making and meetings. Her exemplary leadership qualities are evident in fostering connections with diverse space networking groups and initiatives, such as representing Women in Space on various platforms in local Malaysian media during World Space Week and the Apollo Moon Landing anniversary. Moreover, in 2021, she co-led the Space in South East Asia (SpiSEA), the first and longest-running webinar within the Southeast Asian region, which connected students to industry leaders to secure spots for internships and future job prospects.
With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Brelveen aims to continue reaching for the stars in her pursuit of advancements in space exploration and technology.


“I am deeply honored and profoundly grateful to receive the Asia Pacific Space Leaders award from SGAC. This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the collective effort and dedication of all those who have supported me along this incredible journey. It inspires me to continue striving for excellence in the field of space exploration and to contribute positively to the advancement of our shared goals in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to SGAC for this esteemed recognition.”



Khushi Shah

Khushi Shah is a Mechanical Engineer, Designer, and Artist from India. They design technologies and experiences that are accessible and beneficial to diverse populations globally. They are the Co-founder of Beyond Earthbound, an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to building connections between space, arts, and humanities in the global space community. They are also the Creative Director for Space Pride, an international charity registered in France representing LGBTQ+ individuals within the space sector. They are the youngest recipient of the AIAA ASCEND Diverse Dozen, a recognition for individuals working towards space safety, security, and sustainability. Khushi’s approach encompasses their multifaceted experiences as a steel plant engineer, creative director, researcher, visual artist, and non-profit founder to make meaningful contributions to the industry. As the Communications Manager for the Asia Pacific Region, Khushi has spearheaded community engagement through new media and communication initiatives. They have created an extended social media presence across various countries in the Asia Pacific region. Their involvement with SGAC extends to several projects like leading a Gender Equality & Diversity Roadmap Committee, co-designing the Our Giant Leap Podcast, and organizing hackathons utilizing space tech for remote communities.


“I am deeply grateful for being recognized as an Asia Pacific Space Leader. In the quest for space exploration, incorporating design, aesthetics, and space science is crucial, shaping both technology and cultural outlook toward a sustainable future. I would like to use this opportunity to motivate others to pursue interdisciplinary thinking.”



Aileen Shu Yeen Wee

Aileen Wee was born and raised in Malaysia, and has been passionate in all things space ever since. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at UCSI University Malaysia and worked as a Biotechnology and Dengue researcher at Sunway University. Since 2020, Aileen is actively involved with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and is currently serving her term as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) of Malaysia. With SGAC, she participated and organized several events including the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop, hosted talks in local universities, and represented SGAC in local space events such as the Langkawi International Aerospace and Maritime Exhibition and Langkawi International Space Forum. Aileen was also involved in Astrobiology, where she was a Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. With BMSIS, she helped develop the online repository, Knowledge Base, of potential biosignatures in a collaboration internship with the Center for Life Detection Science of NASA Ames. She is also a member of several space organizations, notably the Network for Life Detection Science (NfoLD) and an Analysis Working Group Member for NASA’s GeneLab. Currently, Aileen seeks to specialize her future career in Space Life Sciences and Space Biotechnology, with hopes to expand the field especially in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian region.

“I am extremely honored to receive the Asia-Pacific Space Leaders Award. Coming from a completely non-traditional space background and emerging space country, SGAC has been one of the major stepping stones for my involvement in the space sector. This is a testament to SGAC’s inclusivity and commitment to empower and provide young space enthusiasts a voice without discrimination. I am eternally grateful to be able to connect with talented SGAC members across diverse backgrounds and identities. I look forward to continuing my role as an NPoC Malaysia and SGAC member – contributing to SGAC, as well as the regional and global space ecosystem in the coming years.”

Aaruni Sharma

Aaruni is a Mechanical Engineer from India currently working with ZS as an analyst. During his studies, Aaruni was actively involved with SEDS and was part of a student team building Mars Rover Prototypes. He also served as the Outreach Manager on the SEDS India Executive Board. Aaruni is passionate about space exploration and robotics and believes in the power of outreach activities aimed at school and college students igniting their passion for space sciences. Before his current role, Aaruni was briefly involved with a startup a startup focused on developing modular and autonomous lunar rovers. Within SGAC, he works with the SGAC Mentoring Program and the Scholarships Team and is currently serving as the Deputy Event Manager for the 10th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop. Apart from space, Aaruni enjoys quizzing, badminton and fiction.

“I am extremely grateful and honoured to be a recipient of the Asia Pacific Space Leader Award and for the incredible opportunity to attend the Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop. It is a great privilege to serve this organization, and I aspire to continue contributing my efforts towards making space accessible to everyone.