SGAC has partnered with BryceTech, HEO and Secure World Foundation (SWF) to bring six students or young professionals to attend the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability, in Tokyo, Japan, on July 11-12, 2024.

Congratulations Andre, Florence, Natasha, Owen, Rahyanditya and Vatasta!



Andre Kwok

Andre Kwok works for the Australian Federal Government, specialising in international criminal investigations. After serving as a legal consultant to the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials, he became interested in the role of satellite imagery and broader space technologies in investigating mass atrocity crimes. Currently, he is also a research assistant at the Australian Centre for Space Governance and teaches courses on post-conflict development and transitional crimes to Australian military cadets at the University of New South Wales. He has held positions in commercial law firms, a Southeast Asian policy institute, and NGOs. Additionally, Andre has a broad interest in digital societies, socio-legal studies in Asia, and the role of emerging technologies in both legal and non-legal responses to mass atrocity violence.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Asian Studies and is in his final year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the Australian National University. Previously, he was a Westpac Scholar at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Law.

He is attending in his own capacity and do not reflect the views or positions of any institutions he represent.

“It is a privilege to be awarded the SGAC-BryceTech-HEO-SWF 2024 Scholarship to attend the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability in Japan. Coming from a humanities background, I’m enthusiastic about collaborating with and learning from peers in STEM and other disciplines. Together, I’m excited to contribute to promoting sustainable and responsible behaviours in outer space, with a regional focus on the Asia-Pacific, one of the world’s most dynamic regions.”

Florence Pauline Basubas

Florence Pauline Basubas is an early career scientist, working on applying Sustainability, Education and Evidence-based Policy making in the fields of Healthcare, Environment, and Space. She has had years of experience working both in academia and industry, in laboratory and field, and in basic and applied research. She graduated with Bachelor degrees in Natural Sciences (Applied Biochemistry) and Social Sciences (Economics and Policymaking) from Minerva University and Masters in Multidisciplinary Research at the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology with a major project in Biomedicine and Molecular Virology and a minor project in Space Biology. She served as the National Point of Contact of the Philippines for SGAC, and remotely leads a national science mentoring program and a national space education program in the Philippines. She recently flew in a parabolic flight to conduct space biology experiments in various microgravity conditions (Mars, Moon, and Zero Gravity). Florence endeavors to further her research and technological development efforts not only to advance uses and exploration of space but also to the maintain and preserve resources on Earth.

 “​​Space sustainability is essential to ensure the continued safe and beneficial use of space for all. I am very grateful to be selected for the SGAC-BryceTech-HEO-SWF 2024 scholarship to attend the SWF Summit for Space Sustainability. I am excited to learn from various experts, contribute to discussions, and advocate for island nations.”

Natasha Disha

Natasha is a skilled systems engineer and a member of Engineers Australia, currently working as a Business Development Manager at the Australian National University’s Institute for Space (InSpace), where she is instrumental in fostering national and international research and business relationships to drive Australia’s space industry forward. In recognition of her outstanding contributions as a young professional, Natasha was honored with the International Astronautical Federation Emerging Space Leader Grant in 2024.

Previously, Natasha made substantive contributions as an academic at the Australian National University, imparting knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students. Her expertise has played a pivotal role in shaping Australia’s system engineering and space industry workforce, and she provided invaluable technical and business analysis expertise for the university’s transformative 10-year vision, the Digital Master Plan.

At InSpace, Natasha leads the space education program, spearheading efforts to elevate Australia’s space education capabilities and ensure their universal accessibility. She is actively engaged in productive conversations with key stakeholders in the Australian space industry, including the Australian Space Agency (ASA), Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA), and Aviation/Aerospace Australia.

Moreover, Natasha plays a vital role at InSpace by leading space health projects as part of iLAuNCH, a Trailblazer program supported by Australian Government. Her efforts center on fostering collaboration between industry, government, and universities. Natasha firmly believes that the rapidly evolving space industry necessitates robust communication and collaboration for success. She is a staunch advocate for meaningful international collaboration, emphasizing its ability to empower participating nations and create an atmosphere conducive to asking critical questions about the future of the space industry.


“I am deeply honored to have been granted the SGAC – BryceTech-HEO– SWF Scholarship to participate in the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability. This opportunity will not only allow me to share my insights, directly contributing to the current space sustainability initiative, but also to gain knowledge that I can bring back to my community.”



Owen Liu

Owen Liu, originally from New Zealand, currently works in Australia. He works as a junior engineering consultant in the fields of structural and functional safety engineering. He graduated with an bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with honours from Monash University in 2022. At Monash University he also completed a minor in Artificial Intelligence in Engineering. Additionally, he was a member of Monash University’s High Powered Rocketry team.

“I was surprised and very honored to receive this scholarship and the opportunity to attend the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability.”

Rahyanditya Ilham

Rahyanditya Ilham is currently assigned to Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiary, Telkomsat, where he specializes in satellite communication. During his bachelor’s degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung, he gained valuable experience with the Horyu-4 nanosatellite project. His final project on a microstrip ground antenna in the Ku-Band was presented at ITNAC 2015 and indexed in IEEE Xplore. Before joining Telkom Indonesia, he contributed to the avionics system design for the R80 turboprop aircraft project. At Thales Alenia Space, Ilham represented Telkomsat in constructing the HTS 113BT satellite. He has also trained non-engineers in satellite communication technology through courses hosted by Asosiasi Satelit Indonesia (ASSI). Previously, he managed contracts and capacity for foreign satellite operations at Telkomsat. Currently, he focuses on designing business processes for Telkomsat, leveraging his experience to drive growth.

“I am deeply honored to receive the SGAC – BryceTech-HEO – SWF Scholarship 2024 for the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability. I eagerly anticipate learning from leading experts, expanding my network, and sharing insights on the importance of space sustainability in a developing country. I sincerely thank SGAC, BryceTech, HEO, and SWF for this incredible opportunity.”

Vatasta Koul

Vatasta is a MEXT Research student at SSDL Kyushu University (Kyudai), Japan. She received her Bachelor of Technology in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in Avionics from India. During her undergraduate studies, she was an active member of Infinity Space Club: The Astronautical Society of UPES and served as a senior executive, contributing significantly to the club’s initiatives and fostering a culture of innovation and exploration. Additionally, she co-led Team Agastya: Aero-Design Team of UPES for the AIAA DBF competition excelling in the collaborative environment. She was an industrial intern at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Helicopter Division, and at the 8 Base Repair Depot Indian Air Force, Chennai.

Vatasta is also actively involved with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and gained valuable experience at SGAC while serving on the Public Relations and Communications team for the OGL Hackathon, and the SGx. She is also an active participant in SSSPG and SSPG, enabling her to make valuable contributions to multiple research projects.

Her aspirations are a preface to her research, closely aligned with the direction of responsible and sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of present as well as future generations.

 “I am very honored to be awarded the SGAC-BryceTech-HEO-SWF scholarship and look forward to attending the 6th Summit for Space Sustainability. Safe and responsible space exploration is a focal point in my research, and this opportunity will be a transformative and empowering experience. Thank you!”