SGAC Global Rising Star Award

The SGAC Global Rising Star Award facilitates the attendance of space leaders from emerging countries from the 6 SGAC Regions at the Space Generation Congress (SGC) and the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). The winners will be representing the overall SGAC diversity, which brings unique and insightful firsthand perspectives to the SGC and IAC and back to their communities. 

The winners will receive an award to attend the following events:

The scholarship grant will fully or partially cover the round-trip travel costs to Paris, accommodation, visa costs, and the registration fees for both events, in accordance to the SGAC Scholarships Travel Policy & Reimbursement Guidelines. The exact amount of the travel grant dedicated to each winner will be communicated to the winners in their acceptance email. In total, USD $12,000 will be split between six winners. The winners will be presented with an award certificate during the SGC.

How to Apply?

This scholarship shall foster outstanding individuals from the six different SGAC regions, that have shown leadership skills, and engagement in their local community and within SGAC. One  Rising Star of each of the six SGAC Regions will be selected. You will be asked to provide extended answers to the following questions:

  • Please describe how you are contributing to the space sector in general and in your local community. (Max. 250 words)
  • If selected for this scholarship, how do you plan to relay the knowledge you will gain in these events to your local community? (Max. 250 words)
  • Do you have a specific project you would like to pitch at these events? If not, which is your main drive and motivation to attend the events? (Max. 250 words or 1 min video)
  • Why should you be selected and receive financial support for these events? (Max. 200 words)



  1. The scholarship is open to all students and young professionals from any UN Member or observer State. Participants must be eligible SGAC members (registered on the SGAC website) between the age of 18 to 35 (inclusive) as of September 1, 2022.
  2. Competition judges and organisers are ineligible for the award.

In the interest of giving opportunities to more members, SGAC reserves the right to prioritize applicants who have not recently received another SGAC scholarship of a similar nature. “Recently” is defined as having received a travel grant in the past two years, in the same category (either international or regional/national) as this posted award. International awards include scholarships for international events such as SGC/IAC, SGFF, and Space Symposium, while regional/national awards refer to events, such as the Space Generation Workshops (SGW), national space generation events (SG[country]), or other regional or national conferences. In the event that the SGC 2022 is cancelled, this scholarship will not be counted as an international travel grant, and winners are eligible to apply for another travel grant within the next two years.


  1. The language of all submissions must be English.
  2. Applicants will submit their application through the Scholarships Submission Form using the template for the motivation letter. 
  3. CVs will be uploaded to our application form. Format should be PDF or DOCX and no larger than 10Mb.
  4. All submissions must be made by the Scholarship Submission Form. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

Responsibilities of the Winner

  1. The winners will be responsible for assisting with running the Space Generation Congress if necessary, acting as rapporteur for their discussion group, assisting with the compilation of the SGC final report, and attending the IAC.
  2. Winners will be asked to write a short report and video describing their experience at SGC and IAC, which may be showcased on the SGAC newsletter, social media, or website.
  3. The scholarship winners will need to help at the SGAC booth at the IAC


  1. The award will be paid out after the event and upon fulfilment of all requirements in a suitable manner, as determined by the scholarship coordinators, including any report submissions and submissions of expense claims. The awards will be paid out no later than 30 days after the fulfilment of all responsibilities.
  2. The scholarship award reimbursement is conditioned on the awardee fulfilling the scholarship requirements not later than October 15th 2022.
  3. If applicants receive funding for the 2022 SGC and/or the 73rd IAC from any other organization, the scholarship coordinators must be informed. If applicants do not inform the scholarship coordinators, SGAC reserves the right to refuse reimbursement to the applicants if they become winners. SGAC aims to reduce the number of double scholarships and will work with the winners to develop a solution in these cases.
  4. Applicants are advised to not engage any expenses until they have formal confirmation that the competition has been awarded. The SGAC is not liable for any expenses incurred by applicants in any case where competition is not awarded, or in excess of the value of the awarded grant.
  5. Reimbursements will follow the SGAC Scholarships Travel Policy & Reimbursement Guidelines. Please make sure to consult the Guidelines before incurring in expenses.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. By submitting an entry, applicants agree to permit SGAC to mention their names, affiliations, and headshot picture in connection with the scholarship.


  1. Organizers will not be responsible in the event that the 2022 SGC and/or 73rd IAC is cancelled. SGAC will not reimburse the winners, even if they have already incurred expenses.
  2. SGAC will not be responsible in the event that the award winner fails to attend the 2022 SGC and/or 73rd IAC. In this case, the award offer will become void.
  3. SGAC will not be responsible in the event that the award winner is not able to obtain the necessary travel documents to attend the events. If the documents are required but not obtained, the award offer will become void.
  4. The award is not transferable to another event or individual.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by a panel composed of the SGAC Leadership, and Scholarship Team Members.

The evaluation will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the local and global space community: research, help to other students/young professionals, involvement in other space organizations, etc. (35%)
  • Motivation, project/main drive to attend the events (35%)
  • CV (20%)
  • Country of residence and access to opportunity (10%)


We look forward to your contribution and thank you for taking part in this space endeavour!



Entries Accepted


Submission deadline

5th June 2022 23:59 GMT

Winners Notified

15th June 2022

10th Space Generation Congress

September 14-16, 2022

73rd International Astronautical Congress

September 18-22, 2022



For any questions regarding this scholarship, please email the Scholarships Team at [email protected].