After a very thorough selection process, the Selection Committee has chosen Paulina Valle to become the SGAC Continuous Improvement Officer, the fourth SGAC full-time employee!

A total of 9 applications (4 women and 5 men) from 8 different nationalities applied for the position. The selection process entailed several phases with detailed evaluations and interviews by the Selection Committee members, which resulted in the final candidate selection by consensus.

We warmly welcome Paulina to the team!

About Paulina Valle

An International Business graduate from Mexico, Paulina specialises in Aerospace Business and Policy. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Shanghai, she developed Cultural Intelligence through studies in Germany, France, Mexico, and the US, becoming a polyglot. Her passion for the space sector spans from rocket engines to policy and commerce.

Paulina’s professional purpose is to foster international collaborations addressing geopolitical challenges, promoting environmental sustainability, and driving technological advancements. She holds certifications from MITx in Aerospace Engineering and UNOOSA in Sustainable Outer Space Activities and has been mentored in Silicon Valley in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Actively contributing to SGAC, Paulina has organised events, participated as a delegate, and served on the global PR & Comms team. Her expertise includes business development, strategic planning, research publications, and data analytics. She also has experience in creating organizations dedicated to supporting Mexican women in STEM.

As soon as Paulina got to know about the selection, she said:

“I couldn’t be more excited to take my professional leap into the space sector with SGAC! This endeavour will bring so many wonderful collaborations, and I am happy to participate in the cause of making space accessible to everyone. Honestly, this has fueled my professional purpose, and I will be working hard to improve our wonderful SGAC, bring more opportunities, and reach out to everyone who has not joined us yet.”

“Only recently joining SGAC, Paulina has already made strides as a rising star in the organisation, and we are very pleased to welcome her as SGAC’s very first Continuous Improvement Officer. Her initiative, passion and strong appreciation of SGAC’s ecosystem made Paulina stood out for this new role, and we are excited to work with her for the continuous improvement of our organisation.”

SGAC Co-Chairs

“I am excited to welcome Paulina as SGAC’s first Continuous Improvement Officer and to see all her amazing skills in action. Paulina’s proactive approach, passion, and understanding of SGAC make her an excellent choice for this role. I am confident that her background and experience will greatly enhance our internal processes and drive continuous improvement throughout the organisation”

SGAC Executive Director