The Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform (SGAPP) is pleased to present “Saving Our Future on Earth Through Our Presence in Space,” a report that details the official policy position of the Space Generation Advocacy Council’s (SGAC) on the role of space in climate action. The policy position was approved by the SGAC executive committee on October 20th, 2022, and represents the united voice of the youth in the global space industry.

The report formally acknowledges that the space industry can no longer be viewed independently of growing climate concerns and asserts that the industry must move to implement policies and practices that aim to mitigate and reduce harm where possible.

“I am truly delighted to see the Platform producing its first united policy position on such a critical topic for the future of young generations,” says SGAPP founder and coordinator Antonino Salmeri. “Thanks to this report, we will make sure that the voice of the youth is heard loud and clear in all fora discussing the role of space for climate action.”

The report includes policy recommendations and best practices for governmental bodies, the scientific community, and the broader space industry, with one aim being to foster collaboration between various stakeholder groups. 

“The adoption of the policy position on the Role of Space for Climate Action by the SGAC Executive Committee is an important achievement for our organization,” says Anthony Yuen, chair of the SGAC. “Congratulations to Sahba El-Shawa, Giulia Bordacchini, and the entire team for developing this important policy report.”

The team outlined 31 recommendations that span topics from space law to finance. These recommendations emphasize the need for quick, global action to ensure an equitable future for all persons and take a decisive approach to create a more ethical and sustainable space industry. The recommendations include decoupling the space and defence sectors, streamlining environmental impact assessments into current and future missions, and using Venus and Mars as viable case studies for understanding our climate. 

“It is our responsibility to ensure that our beautiful home planet can thrive and remain habitable for future generations,” says Sahba El-Shawa, Co-Lead of the Ethics and Human Rights Policy Group. “Instead of contributing to the false dichotomy of ‘Earth vs. space’ or the narrative that interest in space exploration stems from the need to leave a dying planet behind, we aim to show the dedication of our community to benefit life on Earth through the exploration of space”

The Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform is one of the SGAC’s main pillars, designed to unify and amplify the values and needs of the space generation in critical policy areas. To find out more about the policy recommendations for climate action, you can view the full report here. To learn more about the SGAPP, visit the SGAC website or contact our leadership at [email protected].