Regional Coordinator
Suki Sule Beza Tesfaye

Suki Dauda Sule
Aug 2014-Aug 2016

Beza Tesfaye
Jun 2014-Jun 2016

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Africa has made great strides in recent years to develop its space capabilities. From agricultural applications to improving health services and education, space technology has become an indispensable component in today’s modern information society and contributes to the sustainable development of many African nations. With a growing network on the continent, SGAC Africa continues to embark on numerous outreach programmes, competitions and space education initiatives. Efforts to expand the SGAC African network have been successful, allowing African countries, not previously represented at SGAC, the opportunity to develop their space sector through participation with SGAC.

Current/Recent Activities in Region

  • SGAC African members represent SGAC at numerous conferences such as Space Generation Fusion Forum, International Astronautical Congress, UN/IAC Workshop and South African Space Association Congress
  • African members contribute their thoughts on broadening the African space networks through the African Working Group Initiative
  • Space outreach and lectures at universities in African countries
  • Participation in World Space Week outreach and educational events
  • Encourage partnerships between SGAC Africa and industry, universities and space science organisations

Please see our SGAC Team Page for the full list of Regional Coordinators and National Points of Contact for the region!


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