SGAC is pleased to announce Brenton Smith as the winner of the 2022 Australian Space Agency Scholarship for the Space Generation Fusion Forum and Space Symposium!

This year SGAC partnered with the Australian Space Agency (ASA) to bring one Australian delegate to attend the 10th Space Generation Fusion Forum (March 19 [Virtual] and April 1-4 [Hybrid]) and the 37th Space Symposium (April 4-7) in Colorado Springs, USA. SGAC received an unprecedented number of high-quality applications, requiring an expanded review team to meet the challenge of selecting just one winner from the many qualified applicants.

The scholarship award will partially cover the travel and registration expenses incurred to attend SGFF and the Space Symposium.

2022 Australian Space Agency Scholarship Winner

Brenton Smith

Dr Brenton Smith is an aerospace engineer specialising in satellite formation flying and simulation. As research associate at the University of New South Wales Canberra Space (UNSWCS), Brenton improved methods for controlling satellite formations using differential aerodynamics in low Earth orbit. This research culminated in the development of a novel technique for establishing UNSWCS’s M2 2x6U CubeSat formation in 2021. Brenton is cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of Nominal Systems (NS), a company offering system-level satellite simulation software for through life-cycle design configuration, AI training, functional testing, and operations support. 

With NS, Brenton lead teaming, operations, and technology direction to grow NS into a revenue-generating export business set to greatly simplify space system design, development, and testing. Brenton mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and sits on the advisory board of multiple innovative tech start-ups.

It is an honour to be a recipient of the 2022 Australian Space Agency Scholarship to attend SGFF2022. It is a privilege to engage in dialogue, as a young Australian professional, with a global cohort of emerging leaders to uncover ways we can create an ever more prosperous and sustainable space industry.