Working groups are designed to be organized around five different working groups within which the delegates will discuss a given topic and provide a summary of recommendations through an oral presentation concluding the workshop.

WG-1: ME-Space & Education.

Middle East countries have demonstrated their space ambitions clearly in the 21st century with over half of the ME countries have space programs. Moreover, these high ambitions are clear in the seriousness of investments in the space region with space spending doubling from $755m in 2010 to around $1.3bn in 2020. However, for this sheer momentum to sustain, a skilled national workforce base must be present. Thus, having an integrated education and scientific research framework to develop, prepare and certify competent national workforce qualified to work in the national space sector is very crucial. The following points can be discussed during the workshop: 

  • Building Qualified Space Workforce 
  • Efforts in the ME Region
  • Space in the Educational System: The Infrastructure to Support Space Programs
  • Regional Cooperative Capacity Building Programs

WG-2: ME-Space Entrepreneurship

With the emergence and growth of the space industry within the ME region, huge opportunities and potential comes with it especially for space start-ups. Funding and investing in space start-ups are vital to aid the progress of the space industry in the region. Thus, the ME Space Entrepreneurship workshop will discuss and examine the potential of the opportunities within the space sector and encourage entrepreneurs to build their start-up companies. Resources and capabilities available in the Middle East. The following points can be discussed during the workshop: 

  • The Value and Impact of the Increased Investment in Space Sector on the Entrepreneurship movement in the MENA Region.
  • Private Space Sector Role in Building Knowledge-Based Economies.
  • Where and how entrepreneurs can get funding for a space project

WG-3: ME-Woman in Space 

Space matters when it comes to the right of women to benefit from science and its technology and as a dimension of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The ME women in space is a workshop that will highlight ME women, as women have a critical role to play in efforts to achieve the SDG, with many targets specifically recognizing the importance of gender equality and empowerment in the space sector. Encourages women to pursue leadership roles in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education that will benefit the space science and its technology diverse fields. The following points can be discussed during the workshop: 

  • The privileges of facilities and opportunities of ME woman in the field of space.
  • Merging ME women requirements in line with equity of opportunities principle.
  • Methods in developing an integrated vision of building competent ME women leaders in space.
  • Case Study: How are women changing space sector in the ME region as the true definition of persistence and determination.

WG-4: ME-Engage of generation 

The ME engage of generation in space is a workshop that will highlight the requirements to engage generation in the space sector, to widen their knowledge and benefit from their contribution to the space sector. In addition, to discuss approaches of responsibility to be held by and assigned to the space sector. To demonstrate the emerging and engaging of the ME merging generation through research, awareness and discuss methods to include community engagement to benefit the engagement of previous, current, and next generation contribution to space science and its technology

  • The perspectives on ME industry developments and global space initiatives in the valuable mentorship opportunities and significance of networking and team building events in the space field.
  • Methods of promoting to engage generation beyond passive learning by having hands-on education session or awareness related to STEM, space, and technology.
  • The engage of the ME generations through awareness to fill the gap in the generations in the understanding of space and its technology and to create space innovators within the generation.
  • Case study: How to inspire the next generation to push the boundaries of space and its technology.

WG-5: ME-Space economical infrastructure 

Space sector benefits cover many sectors and it has demonstrated its ability to boost the wheel of innovations and inventions in diverse fields.
With analysts expectation that space market size could exceed $1 trillion dollars by 2030, it is crucial for the new entrants in the space sector from the ME region to exploit the opportunities that will come with this growth to advance strategic areas that are key to the development and transformation of the region. The exploitation of the potentials in the space sector in order to derive the strategic national impact are unattainable unless the base of a sound space economical infrastructure is present to nurture the economical requirements needed by both the government and private sectors in the region.

  • Regional Alliance towards Building Resilient Space Ecosystem 
  • Space Sector Growth: An Opportunity for economic diversification in ME region. 

The effect of having sound economic infrastructure on stimulating local, multi sector economies in the ME region.