Event Manager

Leehandi de Witt (South Africa)

Deputy Event Manager

Maheen Parbhoo ( South Africa)

Programs Team

Gabrielle Janse van Rensburg (South Africa)

Nelly-Helen Ebruka (Nigeria)

Lily Rospeen  Asongfac (Cameroon)

I am Lily R. Asongfac, a B.Eng Electrical and Electronic engineering graduate from the University of Buea Cameroon. I am a space enthusiast!!! I am presently a Space Hero Insider and also leading regional partnerships in Africa, at Space Hero. During my internship at Nanosatellite Missions Design, I got the opportunity to familiarize myself with space missions design concepts and analysis, while working on some projects. I am a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in Cameroon where I assist with space outreach events and trainings. I am also an Open Cosmos Academy Ambassador. During the ActInSpace 2020 Hackathon, organized by the French space agency, I led a team that won the second prize at the national level with the Aerospace Baby project which is meant to educate children aged 4-18 years old, on basic space science and technology through hands-on interactions with electronics, basic rocket science projects, captivating comic books and video games.

I intend to become a Space Systems Engineer and want to use every knowledge gained, to push the space sector in Africa forward through my contributions.

Communications Team

Chidimma Oruche (Nigeria)

Chidimma Oruche is a Space Enthusiast who likes to use her skills as a Marketing Communication Specialist to help organisations like the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) communicate effectively. As a Social Media Strategist, she helps build influence for great brand perception and strong online presence. Chidimma is a recipient of the ISU – SGAC scholarship, to undertake the Space Studies Program at International Space University (ISU) in summer 2021. Her passion for space studies can be tracked to her internship days at the Strategic Space Application unit of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), the National Space Agency of Nigeria. This has further feathered into other engagements in the space sector.

As a multi – experienced individual, Chidimma has carried out projects as a trained Environmental Engineer in oil spillage clean-up, environmental health and safety, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and land reclamation. She is interested in seeing a safer world and hence engages in addressing climate change, global warming, air and water pollution and environmental sustainability and helping out with proper objects recycling and waste disposal. Currently the evaluation and assessment officer at a Nigerian federal government agency, Chidimma enjoys the dynamic nature of space studies. Upon completing the Space Studies Program (SSP), Chidimma plans to fulfil her career goal of becoming a SPACE DIPLOMAT.


Jake Kwaayisi Yawson (Ghana)

Jake is an enthusiastic graduate aerospace engineer with a keen interest in communications and public relations. He currently serves as an electronics and robotics instructor at X Space Solutions in Accra Ghana. Jake has served as a Public Relations Officer for the Association of Aerospace Engineering Students and Technical head of Royalhouse Students and Associates. He has extensive experience managing social media accounts, writing press releases and leading social media campaigns for various programs.

Delegates Team

Abdul Sesay (Sierra Leone)

Abdul is currently a Physics teacher at the Lebanese International School, a National Coordinator at the Moon Village Association and a National Point of Contact for Sierra Leone at the Space Generation Advisory Council. He studied Physics and Mathematics with Satellite Communications (option) at Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone. 

 Abdul is actively involved in public lectures, space awareness and innovation. Being part of the organising team is a big part of his ambition to help build the African space ecosystem.

Yves Emmanuel Nikoyo Emougou ( Cameroon)

Johanne Naa Ayeley Ekue (Ghana)

Johanne is a Physics graduate from the University of Ghana who has previously served as the general and financial secretary of the Physics Students’ Association of Ghana. She is an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council and was recently assigned as the delegate team leader for the 6th South American Space Generation Workshop. In addition to this, Johanne is an advocate for Women in Physics in Ghana.

Logistics Team

Kgomela Letsoalo ( South Africa)

Tadfadzwa Banga (Zimbabwe)

Tafadzwa Banga is the founder of Young Inventors organization at the National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe where he is a final year student studying Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. In 2018 he led the Zimbabwean team represented by students from Young Inventors to win a regional hackathon competition in South Africa that was organized by the University of Oxford and NEPAD SANBIO. He is an active member of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space since 2018, serving as the national chairperson and the president of SEDS NUST Chapter. Tafadzwa is also the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Zimbabwe, having joined SGAC in 2019. Through his passion for space on the 10th of October 2020 he led a group of engineering students, in launching an electronic payload using a High-Altitude Balloon which was the first space related project for Zimbabwe. In 2021 he received the African Space Industry top 10 under 30 award. His resilience and dedication made him secure a scholarship offered by MMAARS to participate in MMAARS IN-PERSON ANALOG ASTRONAUT TRAINING MISSION at MAARSBASE basecamp located in Mojave Desert, California, USA. On June 25 2021 he joined the global stage as part of the keynote speakers for the Global Space Summit 2021 organized by SDNx Foundation and Helium Learning Labs. He is keen to see the sustainable development of his country and the rest of Africa through the active engagement of youths and young professionals, in space exploration and science.

Local Organising Team

Linda Ngozwana (South Africa)

Linda is an engineer by profession and a creative at heart. Having just completed her undergraduate studies in Aeronautical Engineering, she is a  young woman who represents a generation of African engineers that will not be defined by their origins and environment, rather by their bravery and ambition. Her diligence, tenacity and discipline with regard to matters of academic development have equipped her with the determination necessary to have endured the challenges the intensive degree comprises. Above all, she has dreams of taking an active role in broadening the aviation spectrum in South Africa, and the African continent as a whole.

Ané Verwoerd (South Africa)

Ané obtained her degree in Consumer Science from the University of Pretoria. This degree is focussed on the development, consumption and management of non-perishable commodities in various contexts to contribute to responsible and informed consumer decision-making as a means of satisfying the requirements of individuals, small businesses and the retail trade. During her career, she positioned herself as a strong marketing professional focussed on developing and implementing traditional and digital marketing initiatives. She describes herself as a creative individual who loves a challenge. Miss Verwoerd has always been enthusiastic about space and has since 2018 enjoyed her role as part of the Sales and Marketing team at NewSpace Systems, South Africa.

Sara Isaacs (South Africa)

Sara is an Astronomy and Astrophysics graduate from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the co-owner of Two Sugars Patisserie and works as the head design artist.  She loves to learn, travel and play sports. She aspires to combine her diverse skill set in the fields of Space, art and architecture.