19th SGC Applications

Dear SGAC Community, 

The safety of our event attendees is our top priority and we have been monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully. 

Following the growing escalation of the Covid-19 outbreak around the world, the IAF informed us that the International Astronautical Congress – IAC in Dubai will not be taking place this year, but will be postponed (refer: IAF Statement). They are in the process of re-assessing the overall schedule of IACs and will inform us within the coming weeks about the new dates. 

As the Space Generation Congress runs in conjunction with the IAC, this means SGC 2020 will not be held in Dubai this year but at a later date. 

We will be communicating about the new dates for SGC 2020 as soon as we hear from them. In the meantime, the SGC Organising Team is working hard to propose an alternative to this year’s Space Generation Congress. More information will follow over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Davide Petrillo: [email protected]

Victoria Carter-Cortez: [email protected] 

Best regards,

Davide and Victoria

The SGC Manager and Deputy Manager

Apply to the 19th Space Generation Congress (SGC)

The 19th SGC will be held in Dubai, UAE on 8 – 10 October 2020, and is organised by the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

Applications are open from April 1st until May 15th, 2020, 23:59 GMT.   

Successful applicants will be contacted by June 1st, 2020.

Note: the online application to the Space Generation Congress doesn’t involve any ticket payment at this stage. Successful applicants will receive an Eventbrite link, once selected, to purchase their ticket but this would only be after June 1st, 2020. 

Note: The delegate selection process for SGC is highly competitive. Information you provide will be used to evaluate your application to be a delegate at the 19th Space Generation Congress.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

Please note that all decisions made by the selection committee are final and due to the volume of applications, we are unable to provide feedback on individual applications.

Apply also to the 2020 Space Generation Leadership Award       

 The Space Generation Leadership Award facilitates the attendance of international delegates who bring unique and insightful first-hand perspectives to the Space Generation Congress. It selects top international applicants to attend the 19th Space Generation Congress (8-10 October 2020) and the 71st International Astronautical Congress (IAC) (12 – 16 October, 2020) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Space Generation Leadership Award recognises outstanding members of SGAC who have contributed (or continue to) actively to the organisation and go above and beyond their role to ensure SGAC’s success. 

Be aware and save your time! Previous recipients of the Space Generation Leadership Award or the Global Grant Programme are not eligible to the SGLA.

More information on the Space Generation Leadership Award

For SGC applicants:

  • Please write a short essay (max 400 words) describing your motivation for participating in the 19th SGC and any relevant academic, professional, and/or volunteer experiences that will enable you to contribute to the debates and discussions during the SGC.
  • Please provide a one-minute video of yourself answering the following questions: 
    • What is the most exciting potential use of space to you?
    • What do you view as the greatest challenge to humanity’s continued expansion into space over the next ten years, either from a technological, business, or policy standpoint?

→ Please note that the video should be uploaded on YouTube and you should include the link to your YouTube video in the application form. If you wish to keep your video private, lease follow this tutorial on how to make your video private on YouTube: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-YouTube-Video-Private 

  • Involvement at SGAC: tell us if you are (or have been in the past): 
    • A Regional Coordinator (RC)
    • An Executive Committee Team Lead/Coordinator (i.e. Project Groups Coordinator, Legal Team Coordinator, Treasurer, Executive Secretary etc.)
    • An Executive Committee Team Member (i.e. Finance Team member, Events Coordination Team member)
    • An Operational Team Lead (i.e. Scholarships Team Lead, Reports Team Lead, etc.)
    • An Operation Team Member (i.e. Scholarship Team Member, PR&Comm Team Member)
    • An Event Manager, Deputy Manager or Organising Team Member
    • A Project Group Co-Lead
    • A National Point of Contact (NPoC)
    • None

For SGLA applicants (in addition to the above questions for all SGC applicants):

  • What have been your contributions to SGAC? Please provide as much detail as possible on your contributions (i.e. I was part of the organising team of the last SGC in the delegates team, as such I was supporting the delegates throughout the application process. I was also a project group co-lead for the Space Exploration Project Group and as such I developed the first SEPG series of webinars. I also attended the SGFF in 2017 and 2018 as a delegate and supported the team as the rapporteur.)  (max. 250 words)
  • Why should you be selected for the SGLA? (max. 250 words)
  • What do you wish to take away from the SGC and IAC experience? (max. 250 words)

You are welcome to write a paragraph or a series of bullet points for each question. Remember we can only assess you on the information provided, so feel free to add details where appropriate (e.g. “interned at JSC for 3 months in mission operations” vs “completed internship” when discussing experiences, or “I would like to show how the energy industry and aerospace can collaborate” vs “I have new perspectives” when discussing unique insights).


To be able to apply for the SGC 2020 you must be a member of SGAC. If you are not a member, please register at https://spacegeneration.org/register. The SGAC registration and membership is free.

For questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact the Delegates Team at [email protected].

Best of luck!

The 2020 SGC Team


This section will provide useful information not only to encourage your participation but also facilitate your planning for the upcoming Space Generation Congress (SGC).

Space Generation Congress Ticket covers:

  • SGC Delegate Welcome Pack
  • Catering onsite (Lunch and Coffee Breaks)
  • SGC International Night
  • SGC “Space Night”
  • SGC Closing Dinner
  • Free Wi-Fi at the venue
  • Speakers, staff and materials needed for the Congress

Not included in the registration:

  • Tours and optional excursions
  • Optional Pre-Congress Dinner
  • Any other expenses not directly listed above

For any questions related to Delegates please contact: [email protected]



[April 1st – May 15th 23:59 CET] Apply online by completing this form (you must be logged in as SGAC member);

[May 16th – May 31st] SGAC reviews your application;

[June 1st] SGAC will inform you of the outcome of the selection. If your application is selected, you will receive a confirmation email with more details on how to secure your ticket.

[June 1st – June 30th] Students and YP Early Bird tickets. If you have been selected, you should register at SGC following the instructions in your confirmation email in step 3. If you do not register during this period you lose your Early Bird ticket at SGC.

[July 1st – July 15th] Students and YP Normal ticket. If you have been selected, you should register at SGC following the instructions in your confirmation email in step 3. If you do not register during this period you may lose your spot at SGC to delegates in the waiting list.

[After July 15th] The ticket sale will be open to everyone on the waiting list (if not already sold out). The ticket selling will be on a first come first served basis. So do not wait too long to purchase your ticket.

Please keep in mind that there will be no deadline extensions, so do not miss the opportunities to apply or secure your ticket afterwards.



All prices are listed in USD. Payment will be made through a registration portal which accepts credit card and Paypal. A link with further instructions will be provided upon delegate acceptance.


LIABILITY – The SGAC and/or SGC Organisers shall not be held liable for personal accidents, losses or damage to the private property of Space Generation Congress delegates.

INSURANCE – The SGAC and/or SGC Organisers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to Space Generation Congress delegates (or their accompanying persons), either during, or as a result of the Space Generation Congress. Delegates and their accompanying guests are strongly advised to purchase adequate travel insurance for the duration of their travel, the Space Generation Congress and tours.

REGISTRATION CANCELLATION POLICY – Refund of Registration Fees will be made upon receipt of a written notification by email detailing the reason for cancellation. The following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Until 1st of August 2019: cancellation charge of $50.
  • After 1st of August 2019: no refund will be given.

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). SGAC is preparing for potential eventualities that may arise from hosting the Space Generation Congress in the next few months. Since safety is our utmost priority, SGAC will decide on a case by case whether it is necessary to postpone or cancel a scheduled event based on the guidelines of health authorities and in coordination with our partners.

Please note that in case the event is postponed or cancelled, ticket to the Space Generation Congress will be either: 

  • Allowed to be use for the postponement date
  • Refunded

For accepted applicants who paid the registration (being an early bird or full registration) but are denied VISA, if a written proof of denial from the place of issue of the VISA is presented, SGAC will refund the full price of the registration.