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SGAC Global Communication The SGAC TALK-List is our Google Group based announcement mailing list. Subscribe to this group to receive a broad range of global announcements relating to events, vacancies, scholarships, job opportunities, as well as news and opportunities from our sponsors, partners and network. The subscription settings are controlled through our central Groups [...]

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Keep your contact details and current professional status up to date so we can provide the most relevant content for you. You can also select what project groups to join through your profile. Plug into our global communication network by joining the relevant mailing lists, newsletter or social media channels.  You can keep [...]

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Why should you be an SGAC Member? Be part of the voice of the next generation of Space leaders: have direct input on projects representing the young generation and topics whose results have the direct eyes and ears of high-level leaders at the United Nations, national governments, space agencies, industry, and academia Participate in top Space events [...]

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You are accessing content for SGAC Members only. Please login or register to continue. SGAC Web Account Tips If you have registered previously on our old website, you can use your old username or registered email and retrieve your account by clicking the "Forgot your password" link. If you are a [...]

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Member's Home Welcome, First TIme SGAC Members Your Web Account Your Membership Profile Chat in Slack   |   Join Today Latest SGAC News Member of the Month

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Updated 22 May 2018 1. Terms This document outlines the conditions of use for the Space Generation Advisory Council in Support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications (SGAC) website, located at By accessing this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the web site Terms and Conditions of Use (or Terms [...]

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