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SGAC Web Account Tips If you have registered previously on our old website, you can use your old username or registered email and retrieve your account by clicking the "Forgot your password" link. If you are a SGAC Team Member with a account, please do not use that email address to register your SGAC

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Harassment Policy

SGAC, as a nonprofit and volunteer-based organisation, is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment that encourages and empowers each individual volunteer to perform at his or her best. Harassment, therefore, has no place at SGAC. This prohibition applies to harassment by any volunteer or paid staff at SGAC. The SGAC’s Anti-Harassment Procedures are

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The SGAC Mentorship Program Policy

This document underlines the policy of the mentorship program including the do and don’t expected from both mentors and mentees. By agreeing to this policy, you acknowledge that you abide to the policy throughout your participation in the mentorship program. Do’s Act with respect and integrity: misbehaviour will lead to the exclusion of the mentor/mentee  and to further exclusion actions

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How to create Pages on the SGAC Website   How to create Posts on the SGAC Website Doodle and GoToMeeting How to create an "Event" on the SGAC Website   Eventbrite

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