Antonino Salmeri
Antonino SalmeriEAGLE Lead
Antonino is an Italian space lawyer specialised in lunar governance. He holds three law degrees and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Luxembourg.
Amelia Batcha
Amelia BatchaEAGLE Member
Amelia is an American aerospace engineer working at NASA on flight mechanics, trajectory, and mission design for the Artemis program.
Carlos Mariscal
Carlos Mariscal EAGLE Member
Carlos is a Mexican computer engineer, and he is founder and CEO of Dereum Labs, enabling earth industries to take their businesses to space
Erin Gibbons
Erin GibbonsEAGLE Member
Erin is a Canadian planetary scientist and a Science Team Member of the NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, contributing to day-to-day operations and interpreting data returned from the surface.
Erwan Beauvois
Erwan BeauvoisEAGLE Member
Erwan is a French software engineer working on the Exomars and Martian Moons Exploration missions
Ghaida Aloumi
Ghaida AloumiEAGLE Member
Ghaida is a Saudi graduate in literature and SGAC National Point of Contact for Saudi Arabia
Giuliana Rotola
Giuliana RotolaEAGLE Member
Giuliana is an Italian space lawyer currently working as intern at the European Southern Observatory
Jenna Tiwana
Jenna TiwanaEAGLE Member
Jenna is a British aerospace engineer currently working as management consultant at Bain & Company
Mariam Naseem
Mariam NaseemEAGLE Member
Mariam is a Pakistani/Canadian electrical engineer. Currently she is a visiting scholar at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science and conducts research in collaboration with NASA Goddard
Martin Losekamm
Martin LosekammEAGLE Member
Martin is a German PhD student in engineering physics at the Technical University of Munich, working on in-situ resources utilisation and the characterisation of the lunar surface environment for a sustainable human presence
Mclee Kerolle
Mclee KerolleEAGLE Member
McLee is an American space law and policy analyst, currently serving as the Director of International Outreach and Diversity for the Space Court Foundation.
Mehak Sarang
Mehak SarangEAGLE Member
Mehak is an American research associate at Harvard Business School studying the business and economics of space, and the Lunar Exploration Projects Lead at the MIT Space Exploration Initiative.
Nuria Ali
Nuria AliEAGLE Member
Nuria is a Kenyan geologist, currently working with the directorate of geological surveys in Kenya and former National Point of Contact for SGAC in Kenya.
Paolo Pino
Paolo PinoEAGLE Member
Paolo is an Italian engineer with a background in materials and space engineering. He is a PhD researcher at the Polytechnic University of Turin and an alumnus of the ISU-FIT Commercial Space Studies Program