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What do we learn from stem cell research in space? How can this knowledge ultimately improve our life on Earth?





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Dr. Jeanne Loring

Dr. Jeanne Loring is an internationally recognized pioneer in human stem cell research, with landmark studies of the genomics and epigenetics of pluripotent stem cells, focusing on safety and efficacy of cell therapies. She is currently a professor emeritus at Scripps Research (California, USA), and an advisor to Aspen Neuroscience (a company she founded to develop a cell replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease). Dr. Loring is the recent recipient of Stem Cell Pioneer award, Rosalind Franklin Award and was named as one of the 11 Most Influential Women in Advanced Therapies. She is interested in development of broad applications of pluripotent stem cells, including investigating the effects of space flight on the nervous system. Last year her stem cells experiment has been sent to the International Space Station.

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