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The SGAC Mentoring Program is organizing webinars for the mentees/mentors participating in the program. The webinars are also open to every SGAC members. This webinar will focus on Astronaut Analog Missions with several speakers who participated to these missions (Mars Desert Research Station , Lunares , Mars Academy, Habitat Marte).






Confirmed Speakers



Victoria Da Poian

Engineer and data scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; SGAC Mentoring Program co-lead; Veteran MDRS Astronaut Analog Mission

Alice Barthe

Future MDRS Analog Mission Participant

Matej Poliaček

Veteran Lunares Astronaut Analog Mission

Ilankuzhali Elavarasan

Veteran Habitat Marte Astronaut Analog Mission

Susan Ip-Jewell MD

CEO/ Co-founder of MMAARS

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