Through the partnership between SGAC and GomSpace, this scholarship is available for students studying in Denmark, or for students of Danish nationality regardless of their current country of residence, to attend the 69th International Astronautical Congress (1 – 5 October 2018) in Bremen, Germany. If the winner has been selected to attend the 17th Annual Space Generation Congress (27 – 29 September 2018), the scholarship will also cover costs related hereto.


The award will be selected by the SGAC and GomSpace to award students who demonstrate outstanding activity and motivation in the space sector. The scholarship winner will be publicly announced through the SGAC network and PR channels.


The winner will receive an award to attend IAC 2018 in Bremen, Germany. The scholarship will also cover SGC 2018 if the winner has been selected as a delegate to this. The award will cover the expenses for the travel, accommodation and conference registration fees in Bremen up to 1000 euros. The winner have to take responsibility for additional expenses. The scholarship is provided to the winner after the event(s), and after all activities and responsibilities are satisfied, upon presentation of proofs of payment.

Dates are:



  1. The scholarship is open to a) students of Danish nationality regardless of the country where they study, and b) students of all nationalities studying in Denmark.
  2. All participants shall be SGAC members between the ages of 18 to 35 inclusive (up to the day of their 36th birthday) on 27 September 2018.
  3. Scholarship organisers and judges are not eligible for this award.
  4. Applicants who have had papers accepted to the IAC will be at an advantage.


  1. All submissions shall be made by 24th of June  2018, 23:59 GMT. Any submissions after the deadlines will not be considered
  2. Applicants are asked to submit their CV with date of birth and a short letter expressing your motivation of up to 1000 words
  3. If the applicant has a paper accepted at IAC, the abstract has to be submitted as well
  4. All submissions will be submitted via the Scholarships Submission Form. You will need to be logged in as an SGAC member to access the submission page.
  5. The language of all submissions shall be English.

Responsibilities of the Winners

  1. The winning author shall:
    1. Attend the entire IAC 2018.
    2. If the winner is also selected as SGC delegate: Attend the entire SGC 2018.
    3. Submit a short report (2 pages excluding pictures) and a short video (1 minute) describing his or her experience at IAC 2018 (and possibly SGC 2018) and for inclusion on the SGAC website, newsletter or social media and that of our partners.
    4. The scholarship winner shall reach out to GomSpace’s employees present at IAC 2018
    5. Additional requests or opportunities (e.g. company visit) to the scholarship winner shall be defined by GomSpace and agreed with the scholarship winner


  1. The award will be paid out after the SGC / IAC 2018, no later than 30 days after fulfilment of all responsibilities listed above.
  2. Applicants are advised to not engage any expenses until they have formal confirmation that the scholarship has been awarded.
  3. The SGAC is not liable for any expenses incurred by applicants in any case where a scholarship is not awarded, or in excess of the value of the awarded grant.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. By submitting an entry, applicants agree to permit SGAC and all affiliated organisers to mention their names, affiliations and headshot picture in connection with the scholarship.


  1. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that SGC 2018 and/or IAC 2018 is cancelled. SGAC will not reimburse the winning author, even if he/she has already incurred expenses.
  2. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner fails to attend SGC 2018 and/or IAC 2018 or is unable to under extenuating circumstances; in that case the award offer shall become void.
  3. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner cannot obtain any necessary travel documents; if they are required but not obtained, the award offer shall become void.


Entries accepted 1 June 2018
Submission Deadline 24 June, 2018 – 23:59 GMT
Winners announced 15 July 2018
Space Generation Congress 27 – 29 September 2018
International Astronautical Congress 1 – 5 October 2018




For any questions, please refer to SGAC Scholarships Coordinators ([email protected]).

About GomSpace

GomSpace is a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of nanosatellite solutions for customers in the academic, government and commercial markets. Established in 2007, GomSpace has more than 10 years of experience, and its core technical team has been working on the concept since 2007. GomSpace positions of strength include systems integration, nanosatellite subsystems and advanced miniaturised radio technology. Our international team is devoted to understanding our customer’s requirements and deliver flawlessly. GomSpace is listed in Stockholm (GOMX), headquartered in Denmark and have offices in Sweden, Luxembourg, the US and Singapore. Currently, GomSpace is close to 200 employees, from 17 different nationalities, and serving customers in more than 50 countries.