VIENNA, 1 June 2019 – The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in Support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications is excited to officially start celebrating its 20th Birthday. SGAC was in fact conceived during summer 1999 at UNISPACE III, in Vienna, “to create, within the framework of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, a consultative mechanism to facilitate the continued participation of young people from all over the world, especially young people from developing countries and young women, in cooperative space-related activities”.

20 years is a lot, and SGAC would love to thank the commitment and passion of our tireless members, the vital contribution of SGAC alumni, and the unconditional support of our partners. This is a celebration for all.

For the occasion, we are proud to share with you our exclusive 20th Anniversary logo.


The SGAC 20th Anniversary Logo symbolizes the path taken by SGAC as both an organization and a community. The overall theme is the number “20” of the years that SGAC has been established since UNISPACE III convention in Vienna, Austria. About the great logo:

  • The number “2” consists of a flight path that comes out from Earth, representing the space interest and mandate of SGAC’s organization.
  • The curvature and loop also represents the diverse interests of the SGAC community, which has been the driving force behind SGAC’s continuous expansion. SGAC has been a feedback loop that aspires to go into space as the community informs and drives the organization, while the organization provides coordination and partnership.
  • The Earth logo has undergone multiple iterations until its current form, a representation that showcases all continents and countries, also used in the United Nations system. The UN Earth logo is coupled with a bicolor laurel, paying homage to the United Nations by whose mandate SGAC was created.
  • The entire logo is surrounded by four tetra-tipped stars, a recognition to the new SGAC logo as of 2010.

Indeed, we walked a long way since 1999, and we’d like you to join us through the twenty steps that brought SGAC to where it is now. From today, June 1st, and until June 21st, we will retrace 20 achievements in 20 years, one per day. Follow our social media channels and feel free to contribute with your memories and pictures of past events. Celebrate with us and and help spread the #SGAC20yrs hashtag!