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1st Italian Space Startup Competition

The Space Generation Advisory Council is organising the first Space Startup Competition, taking place at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Milano on 11-12 May 2019.  A space start-up competition is an event where  space-related ideas are shaped into business and eventually presented to a jury during a pitch competition.The main aim of the two-day event is [...]

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Acknowledging those who got us here: The Alumni Programme

Since SGAC’s founding in 1999, more than 15,000 individuals have registered on the SGAC website, many of them contributing to what SGAC has become today. Over time, many of those members aged out of the organization, owing to the 35 year age limit, creating a dilemma for SGAC: on one hand we want to include everyone and benefit from their expertise, but the SGAC bylaws at the time restricted us to those under the age of 35

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Call for NPoC Applications – April 2019

Apply today to be the National Point of Contact (NPoC) of your country! NPoCs are volunteers that act as contact point for SGAC in their country, forming a local team that coordinated SGAC activities at national level. Each country can have up to two NPoCs who work together to coordinate SGAC activities in their country.

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Member of the Month for March 2019

Ghanim Alotaibi Ghanim works as an engineer in Kuwait University the college of science responsible about a CubeSat project, and he is the Middle East regional coordinator for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). In addition, he is an analogue astronaut performing fields rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station simulating missions to Mars among an international crew, and he [...]

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Call for Hosting the 2nd NCAC-SGW

Based on the success of the 1st Central American Space Generation Workshop (CA-SGW) held in San José (Costa Rica), SGAC will organise the 2nd North, Central America, and the Caribbean Space Generation Workshop in 2020 and we are looking for the perfect place for this event. Deadline for Application: 15th May 2019 The call is open to SGAC members in [...]

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  1. E-SGW 2019

    May 31 - June 1
  2. SG[France] 2019

    June 16 - June 17
  3. Protected: SG[Spain] 2019

    July 4 @ 08:30 - 18:00