Online Masterclasses

In order to help maximise your chances of success, we are providing our selected hackers with the unique opportunity to participate in pre-Hackathon online Masterclasses! You will learn about the essentials that you need to address the main topic of “How can space technology and know-how support and be utilized by women in remote communities?” 

We are inviting the top experts of the global aerospace sector to share their knowledge and experience with you, don’t miss this opportunity and APPLY FOR THE HACKATHON! Once the application and selection periods are over, you will be invited to these exclusive Masterclasses.

Here is the program for the online masterclasses, starting September 24th 2023 :

Team warming webinar w the Organising Team – Sep 24th 4-5 pm CEST

  1. “Indigenous Hackathon: Co-designing for Global Impact” Masterclass with Diana Mastracci Sanchez, Douglas Nyachwara Mbura, Dr. Miroslawa Alunowska Figueroa and Titus Letaapo – Sep. 25th 5 pm CEST (1h)
  2. Telecom Masterclass with Marwa Wazzi – Sep. 29th 4:30 pm CEST (1hr)
  3. Space Medicine Masterclass with Dr. Sarita Dara and Dr. Priyanka Dhopade – Oct. 1st 8 am NZT (1,5hrs)
  4. UN SDG#5 Masterclass with Dr. Adriana Cursino ThoméOct. 7th 4 pm CEST (1h)
  5. Space Policy Masterclass with Mclee Kerolle – Oct. 14th 11 am ET (1,5hrs)

Calendar invites will be sent out only to registered hackers.


“Indigenous Hackathon: Co-designing for Global Impact” Masterclass

Hosted by Space4Innovation and the GEO Indigenous Alliance, the “Indigenous Hackathon” master class offers a unique exploration of collaborative problem-solving between hackers and Indigenous communities. Diana Mastracci will introduce the “Indigenous hackathon” methodology, showcasing its purpose and success stories. Titus Letaapo, from the Samburu tribe, will share the co-design process behind the Namunyak App challenge. Winners Miroslawa Alunowoska and Douglas Mbura will discuss their experiences, demonstrating the potential and challenges in software co-design with Indigenous Peoples. Attendees will get an opportunity to engage in a lively discussion on the power of Earth observation data to solve local challenges, gaining valuable insights from Indigenous leader Titus Letaapo and past hackathon winners.