Since 2020, Daniel Seybold is the CEO of TeleOrbit, a company focused on the sales and marketing of satellite navigation equipment, such as antennas or receivers. At TeleOrbit he is, among others, responsible for the overall project, contracts, and IPR management.
Besides this, Daniel is currently the Treasurer for SGAC where he oversees all financial aspects of the organisation, ranging from supporting event managers, to making sure that the bookkeeping is in order and that all of SGAC’s tax returns are filed on time. This role also includes strategic elements since it is his responsibility to plan SGAC’s financial future in the near and long term. This is especially fascinating right now as SGAC embarked on the adventure to build its own endowment fund to help SGAC grow and become more financially resilient!

History with SGAC

I first became a member of SGAC in late 2017 and started attending events in 2018 with the first one being the E-SGW in Bucharest. I was lucky to attend SGC in Bremen in the same year which really sparked my interest in supporting SGAC more.
My first role within SGAC was as a member of the Events Coordination team of which I later became one of the co-leads.
During that period I supported local events but also helped kickstart the SGAC webinars in early 2020 as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end I supported +150 webinars and directly organised and partially moderated ~20 until my term ended in October, 2021.
During that time I was also the co-manager of the 2020 SG[Germany] which unfortunately fell victim to the pandemic and was finally hosted as a virtual event in the summer of 2021 (very successfully I have to say).
Since November 1, 2021 I am SGAC’s Treasurer and am responsible for all the financial aspects of the organisation. This includes many different tasks from event budget oversight to reporting to various stakeholders, such as the US Board of Directors or the Advisory Council. During my first year I also helped set up our SGAC endowment fund which is a major step for the organisation!

While receiving this award, Daniel, said:

Honestly, I was very surprised and humbled to be nominated for this award. It is a great honour and I am very grateful to receive this prestigious award and to “stand” alongside all those wonderful and amazing people who won the award before me.
SGAC has truly changed my life and I am happy to give back and help make the organisation better each day through my work.
Receiving awards is never my goal so I am very thankful that others believe I should receive some from time to time. 😉