Pioneer Award

Pioneer Award: Yulia Akisheva

Yulia Akisheva is an aerospace engineer by training currently finishing a PhD in Protective Use of Regolith for Planetary and Lunar Exploration, or PURPLE in short. This PhD is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), TRAD Tests & Radiations and ISAE-SUPAERO under the ESA OSIP collaboration platform.

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Pioneer Award: Matej Poliaček

Matej is currently working in the ISS Flight Operations, as a member of the Columbus Flight Control team, responsible for the commanding and monitoring of the Columbus systems and payloads, as well as providing support to the astronaut crew and other flight control positions in regards to technical aspects of the module.

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Pioneer Award: Tasman Powis

In 2012, Tasman attended his first SGAC event, the SGC in Naples, and said that after the event; “I knew the SGAC was something I needed to be a part of. Through the SGC and IAC, I learned very quickly that my passion lay within the engineering and science that made space travel a reality.”

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